Book Review: Bailey, No Ordinary Cat by Erin Merryn

For fans of Grumpy Cat and Cats on Instagram there's a new cat in town—Bailey, No Ordinary Cat—of the Facebook name, is a special cat with a growing fan base, garnering over 2 million views on Ellen's Instagram and videos that have been shared by Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, and more. 

What makes Bailey more addictive than catnip? In addition to his adorable expressions and his hilarious, heartfelt antics, Bailey has a penchant for doing things that are characteristically uncatlike—things like taking bubble baths (and enjoying them), sitting attentively in a chair and being read to (for hours), getting a "pet"-icure, and his unending patience while co-raising his human siblings Abby and Hannah (yes, there is photographic evidence that Bailey helped with potty-training).

If you have a cat you know how independent they are. Bailey, No Ordinary Cat celebrates the unique quirky spirit of this unforgettable feline through four-color photographs and captions from the voice of Bailey himself. Cat lovers will be delighted to peek into the life of their favorite celebrity cat with the huge eyes, huge heart, and huge personality—and an ever-growing following.

The opening lines of this book really say it all: Once in a great while, a pet enters our lives, enchants us, and changes everything. A giant soul inside of a tiny creature who most assuredly was sent to us for reasons beyond our understanding. For author Erin Merryn and her 3 little girls, Bailey was that pet. It's impossible to look at Bailey's precious little face and not feel a smile to come to your heart. The love, patience and devotion he showed to his family is captured in every single picture in this darling little book. It's so sad to think that Bailey had to run off for the Bridge before his story was published, but his family has recently adopted a kitten named Carrot, and anyone who follows them on social media can see that Bailey sent Carrot to mend their broken hearts and carry on his legacy. 

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Book Review: Bailey, No Ordinary Cat by Erin Merryn