Bottoms Up: Stainless Steel Shakes Up Blender Bottle’s Product Line

Twenty years ago, BlenderBottle’s first shaker cup was introduced. It was a product we didn’t know we needed — but now we can’t drink without it. Ideal for mixing protein powder and pre-workout supplements, shaker cups and bottles are more popular than ever with Utah Valley’s health-conscious community — and our wellness counterparts around the globe.

The category-dominating company has headquarters in Lehi and is constantly retooling and refining its product line.

“The original design doesn’t look anything like it does today,” says Michael Sorenson, marketing director at BlenderBottle. “We’ve made many innovations along the way like the domed lid, the divot in the cap, and the carrying loop.”

BlenderBottle’s latest design is the stainless steel Strada. One of the hottest trends in the bottle biz is utilizing stainless because of its ability to keep water icy cold all day as well as being better for the environment than other materials.

Like all of the company’s products, consumer feedback was an important part of the design process.

“We survey several hundred of our top customers when a product is in development and get their feedback,” Sorenson says.

Then the tweaking and perfecting begins to blend.

One of the most important things a shaker bottle must have? An air-tight lid. Opening a gym bag to discover a spilled drink all over your Nikes is enough to make you skip your workout all together. To combat this, BlenderBottle created a push-button lock.

When it comes time for the fun stuff like choosing colors, Sorenson turns to an agency that specializes in global color trends. And what are the hottest hues consumers are sipping to? Ocean blue and classic black.

Behind the Bottle

  • Typically BlenderBottle products have the measurement marking on the outside of the bottle, but the new stainless steel Strada (pictured) has markings on the interior.
  • BlenderBottle shaker cups all have a rounded base, which ensures that last bit of powder is mixed to perfection.
  • The Strada comes in two versions: Stainless steel and Tritan plastic. Consumers love Tritan because it is stain and odor-resistant.

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Bottoms Up: Stainless Steel Shakes Up Blender Bottle’s Product Line