Brandon Graham Returning to Eagles on One-Year Deal

Editor’s note: I am giving Howard “The King” Eskin credit for being first

Lot of Philly sports news being fed to reporters today. Tim McManus at ESPN has details on a Brandon Graham one-year deal:

Veteran defensive end Brandon Graham has agreed to terms on a one-year deal to stay with the Eagles, declining to enter free agency out of loyalty to the organization, he told ESPN on Friday.

The deal is worth up to $6 million, according to a source.

“I definitely don’t want to miss out on this championship that we’re about to make a run for,” Graham told ESPN. “I pretty much directed [my agent] Joel [Segal] just to get a deal done before free agency so I wouldn’t have to go through that part. I’m just so happy everything came to fruition.

“It wasn’t even about no money. It was more about wanting to be an Eagle as long as I could still play at a high level, and of course I still have a sour taste in my mouth on how things ended this last year [with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl].”

Worth up to $6 million is the key number. The guaranteed money isn’t out there yet, but it looks like it’ll be very team-friendly from a guy that just had the best year of his career. Just speculating, but that quote about winning it with Jalen feels like the last ride even though BG said he wants to play for two more years.

There was also interest from the Browns, according to McManus:

He was expected to garner interest in free agency next week, including from the Cleveland Browns, sources said, but ultimately chose to pass that opportunity up.

Seeing BG in poop brown and not Kelly Green next year would’ve been awful. Eagle for life:

P.S. My unbiased take. This inscription from BG at an autograph signing makes him the right move over Earl Thomas:

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Brandon Graham Returning to Eagles on One-Year Deal