Antigua–Pig Roast!

WARNING.. This post involves meat eating and the details that go with it. If that makes you uncomfortable or offended you should skip this whole post. There are graphic pictures of a roasting pig!

Last season we said a bunch of “See Ya Later’s” to many friends we had made. Life is always throwing curveballs and although us cruisers are pretty good at avoiding them, time and luck can run out. Although, we really avoid the finality of “goodbye”, you know in your heart that many of those moments are the last time you will see those friends.

So when our friends Jamie and Jenna promised a pig roast on the beach next season (now this season), we took it with a grain of salt. After 3 years of cruising, we knew that there was a high possibility it might not happen. I mean they were headed all the way back to New York and almost no one comes back after going that far north and loosing all that east! However, anyone that has met the Sophie crew, would say that we probably should have had more faith!

It took some time and effort from other people (thanks Dan on Sandstar for sourcing a pig), but true to their word, we had a pig roast on the beach.  Actually, it was one of the best parties we have ever had as a cruiser and EVERYONE pitched in to make it happen. I’m sure I will forget some boats (don’t be mad), but here are the participants (everyone cooked a dish).

Sophie                                                                                                      Party of Five

Sandstar                                                                                                  Space Between

Mimzi                                                                                                       Tamarity

Sea Frog                                                                                                  No Plans Just Options

Kraken                                                                                                     Clarity

Valhalla                                                                                                    Serendipity


NOW! Enjoy the pictures of our antics!

The setup… Everyone assessing the situation. Mostly, we are trying to figure out where to put the coolers to keep them out of the sun!


Pretty good view one way.


Lets check the other direction.. Yup, this should suffice! (pig pit is behind me)


Fire started! Later we changed the side that the motor was on as the wind was blowing the heat there and was going to melt the motor. WARNING, Vegetarians should stop here!


The pig was sourced from a local farm and was very fresh!


All loaded on the spit and being put in place!


The celebration dance!


SONOFABITCH, it was too far backward and the feet were hitting the vertical rod. I don’t want to talk about the hammer and screw driver!


Victory dance #2!


Very serious conversation about the  pig cooking. It was decided that no one would make in hasty moves and we would regroup over another beer!


The beer was a good move as things appear to be working out!


More people arrived to offer advice on the cooking pig… and drink beer.. Funny story about that tent. Dan and I tried to put it up 3 times and failed. Kathy (Dan’s wife) showed up and had the tent up in 5 min.


Rhonda showed up and had “Good Stuff”!


Oh, the party is starting now!


There were at least 4 K-9 guests.


Jaimie starts the carving process!


Due to an injury, we had to send in the B-team to finish the carving.


The B-Team was a little savage. I have to say sorry to the dogs that didn’t get to chew on that ear (yes I ate it).


Daph was the only kid that slowed down long enough for me to get a picture. They came, they ate, they swam, they dug, they ran, they played…. Then they slept…. It was glorious!


Here was the full spread of “side dishes”. The entire pig is behind me! I think cruisers and my Baba would have gotten along very well! Its hard to see scale in a picture like this, but there was enough food for 3 pig roasts!


If you got this far and are looking for more pictures, sorry to disappoint… I fell into a food and beer coma and forgot all about the camera! It was a hell of a shaker and we even passed “cruisers midnight”. Hell I wasn’t in bed until 10pm Winking smile!

Antigua–Pig Roast!