Cambium Networks launches software-defined Wi-Fi 6E solutions for the enterprise

The Wi-Fi 6E APs feature Qualcomm technology and make it “easy to take advantage of the 6 GHz spectrum” according to Cambium Networks CEO

Cambium Networks has announced new Wi-Fi 6E solutions designed for enterprises. The two access points (APs) — the XE3-4 and XE5-8 — both feature Qualcomm technology and are equipped with an intelligent migration assistant that allows for connectivity in all three Wi-Fi bands: 6, 5 and 2.4 GHz.

In April 2020, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made 1,200 megahertz of spectrum available in the 6 GHz band for unlicensed Wi-Fi use, a capability referred to as Wi-Fi 6E. At the time, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) CEO Tiago Rodrigues said that “Wi-Fi 6E will rewrite the rules of what is possible” and that it will lead to “higher speeds, low latency and service levels that are equivalent to 5G networks.”

Wi-Fi 6E promises to deliver faster connectivity speeds and improved capacity when compared to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, making it ideal for smartphones, tablets, laptops and virtual/augmented devices. Further, the multi-user-MIMO (MU-MIMO) capabilities of 802.11ax, or Wi-Fi 6, combined with 6 GHz spectrum band will create several use cases both in the home and in the enterprise space.

Cambium Networks further stated that Wi-Fi 6E triples the available spectrum for Wi-Fi usage and its APs will enable network operators “to not just add support for 6 GHz to their networks, but to optimize how and when it is used.”

This optimization is thanks to the solution’s software-defined Wi-Fi 6E technology, which enables the selection of 5 or 6 GHz operation per radio and the intelligent migration assistant that automates the transition to 6 GHz.

“Businesses are evolving their infrastructure to offer the best possible user experiences. The XE series of APs makes it easy to take advantage of the 6 GHz spectrum,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks. “Our new Wi-Fi 6E solutions are a powerful new addition to our comprehensive wireless fabric portfolio of connectivity solutions that deliver exceptional quality and value to organizations of all types and sizes.”

Notable features of the Wi-Fi 6E APs include:

  • XE3-4
    • 3-radio, access point in a 4×4/2×2 configuration with 5/6GHz SDR
    • Designed for a broad range of use cases in enterprise and service provider networks where reliable wireless performance is important
    • Features the Qualcomm’s Networking Pro 810 Platform
  • XE5-8
    • 5-radio, access point in a 8×8/4×4 configuration with dual 5/6 GHz SDRs 
    • Designed for high/ultra-high density uses cases in public venues, auditoriums, etc., resulting in a significant reduction in equipment required and associated costs
    • The XE5-8 carries forward the high density innovation of Xirrus Wi-Fi with multi-radio solutions for Wi-Fi 6/6E
    • Features Qualcomm’s Networking Pro 1610 Platform 

The XE3-4 AP will be available in the first quarter of 2022, while the XE5-8 AP can be expected in the second quarter of 2022.

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Cambium Networks launches software-defined Wi-Fi 6E solutions for the enterprise