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Blue Beetle 1

First appearance of Conrad Carapax

Not quite confirmed but reported by a few outlets, this guy appears to be the bad guy for Blue Beetle along with Victoria Kord played by Sharon Stone, a newly created character.



Blue Beetle 13

First Full appearance of Carapax The Indestructible Man

After months of teasing Conrad becomes the villain he was meant to be. Though Carapax is not the focal point of the story yet, this his is the definition of a full, 7 panels, complete transformation and dialogue.



Blue Beetle 15

First cover for Carapax

Check out Dollar Bin Digging for more on Carapax and for a lot of content you really shouldn’t miss!




With the announcement that Sonic the Hedgehog will have a cinematic universe there is going to be a ton of firsts to look for. I suspect his turning Super Sonic will happen in Sonic 2 as it did in the sequels to the game. Much of the trailer even mimics that particular game. Here is a start.


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 ( Release Date of August ,1993 )

First appearance of Super Sonic & Universalmander

There is a newsstand and a direct for this comic.  Even at current prices it feels undervalued. The chaos Emeralds are the focal point of the new film. Why bother if Sonic isn’t going to go super?



Sonic the Comics 3

First appearance of Special Zone & Chaos Emeralds, cameo ?



Sonic the Comic 7 ( release date August 19, 1993 )

First appearance of Fleetway Super Sonic

If you need to know the difference it is a bit complicated but diehards know there is a one and it has a lot to do with continuity.  Even though this book came out just after Archie’s issue 4  there are two major points here. 1. This is the first appearance of Super Sonic where he is actually evil because he cannot control the chaos emerald power.




Sonic the Comic 8 ( Reprinted in Sonic SPin Attack, 1994 )

First appearance  of the chaos emeralds,Dr. Ovi Kintobor, Omni-Viewer & Johnny Lightfoot, origin of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik

If you read TF the you have seen some of these before but this one should be mentioned due to new developments. Though some of the STC issues are deemed out of continuity, the origin story within is based on the material from the original comic from the Sega game so do with that what you will.




Sonic the Comic 25

First appearance of the chaos emeralds as colored emeralds





Sonic the Comic 26

This book is also important as the next part of Sonic’s origin, continued from issue 8




Sonic the Comic 27

Sonic’s first chronological transformation into Super Sonic ( Fleetway ) is depicted along with Sonic’s first meeting with tails. This issue also prints Sonic CD content including the first baby Sonic.



Sonic the Comic 36

First appearance of the 7th Chaos Emerald ( held by Knuckles )



Here are some other Sonic books to stash

Sonic the Hedgehog 26

First appearance of Car-Heem


Sonic 35

First appearance of the Dimitri the Echidna Sonic 1/4

First appearance of the Freedom Fighters

Sonic 38

First appearance of Tails the Boy Wonder, Bat-Sonic

Sonic 39

First appearance of Mecha-Sonic and Nack the Weasel

( I would look for a newsstand for this )



Low Print Runs


This issue has a ton of Sonic variant firsts and has a low print runNOTE:  A lot of issues prior to 60 have low print runs. I will list more in the future.





Here’s a hot manga by Tsutomu Nihei. Apparently this 2005 Tokyopop comic is not easy to find.





kimi ni todoke 16 ( and others )

First appearance Bessatsu Margaret September 2005

Not only is Vol 16 hot but other volumes continue to do well. It might be worth looking for those first editions from 2009 that are probably gathering dust in your comic store’s manga section. Be careful with manga. Make sure you are buying the first editions.




This section is reserved for all the other stuff I am hunting for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.



Beware the Batman 2

Here’s one of my favorite Professor Pyg covers in a series most people have forgotten ever existed.



Transformers UK 59

GOTG 3 is coming soon enough and Rocket looks to be the focal point. People forget that Marvel reprinted a lot of GOTG content here.  I am not saying this book will blow up or anything but as a Rocket collector and knowing how few copper appearances he has, this is one on my checklist.





Groo Artist’s Edition

I am still looking for this puppy. It is a tough IDW book to get.





The Me You Love in the Dark 5 ( Variant )

I have mentioned this book before concerning Twig but there was a variant. Here it is.




Sonic Cereal Super Sonic

These were a cereal toy where Sonic sits on the edge of your bowl! There were two versions on skateboards for some reason and they are pretty tough to find in good shape or even still sealed.



Sonic Super Digest 7


This digest series has original content along with reprints of early gems. This one is here for the cover.


and finally one of Sonic’s best covers, issue 134 the Spidey 50 Homage Cover

There is a newsstand too


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Carapax, The Sonic Universe, Manga Hunting and More!