CatLadyBox “Spring Time” Subscription Review – March 2021

CatLadyBox is a monthly subscription box for cat ladies (or anyone who is crazy about cats)! The $34.99 per month CatLadyBox has 2-3 cat-themed items – wearables, items for the home, books, etc. The $39.99 per month Crazy CatLadyBox contains everything from the CatLadyBox plus a few items just for cats.

This is a review of the $39.99/month “Crazy” CatLadyBox.

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About CatLadyBox

The Subscription Box: CatLadyBox

The Cost: $39.99 per month + free U.S. shipping. Save with longer subscriptions.

The Products: Unique and exclusive cat lady finds, from cat-themed jewelry and clothes to accessories, home décor, books, and more.

Ships to: The U.S. (free in the contiguous 48 states), U.K., Canada, and Alaska, and Hawaii ($12.95)

CatLadyBox March 2021 Review

CatLadyBox is always full of fun, cat-themed lifestyle items. Let’s see what was in store for March:

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    I love how the information cards have custom artwork every month. And the back has more information about the items in the box. This month has a “Spring Time” theme.

    On to the items:

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      Poppy Cat Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Listed Value $24.99

      We’ve received a few tumblers and water bottles in the past but it’s been a while since the last one. I am always running out of water bottles for when I work out so having another one to add to the rotation is great. (That means I don’t have to clean them as often!) I think the design on this one is fun and springlike.

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        Kitty Cat Wireless Charging Pad – Listed Value $22.99

        Unfortunately, I am currently unable to use this item. I checked and my phone is iPhone 7, and Apple started including wireless charging capabilities in iPhone 8 and beyond. I am still trying to decide whether I will hang onto this for when I replace my phone or pass it on to someone with a more recent phone model. I do regularly use this charger from a past CatLadyBox, though.

        Be Kind Shirt – Listed Value $19.99

        This is a pretty comfy shirt, not the softest ever from CatLadyBox but not bad at all. I am all about CatLadyBox shirts these days since I am rarely leaving the house. (No photos of me modeling it because I am also not brushing my hair or wearing bras…) So it is nice to have another one to add to the rotation.

        Purrfect Cat Bamboo Trivet – Listed Value $14.99

        I am using this as a coaster (suggested as an alternate use on the information card) because I always seem to need one more coaster than I have available. It’s a nice size for an oatmeal bowl to sit on if I am at my computer instead of the table.

        Meownarch Butterfly Catnip Toy – Listed Value $5.99

        I’m pretty sure my cats’ favorite things about this toy were the antennae. This is pretty lightweight and good for tossing or even wrestling if your cat is on the smaller side. As usual, it is also good for face rubbing if you have an older cat who is into that kind of thing (both Monkey and Madison fall into that category).

        Lucky Pot O’Gold Catnip Toy – Listed Value $5.99

        Here’s the month’s second toy. As you might expect, the feathers were my cats’ favorite feature here. This one is a good size and shape for batting around on the floor and that has definitely been occurring with this toy because I am finding it all over the bedroom.

        Gratuitous cat photos:

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          Madison is the black cat, Sneaky is the calico, and Monkey is tan and white (I was asked in another review which one was which).

          Verdict: I calculated a value of about $94.94 for the March 2021 “Crazy” CatLadyBox. I was pretty happy with this month’s box. Of course, CatLadyBox couldn’t have known that I have a really old phone; a wireless charger is reasonable technology to include and I may be able to use it later this year if I upgrade my phone. The t-shirt is comfy and the water bottle and trivet (coaster) are handy. Although they have similar textures on the outside, the toys are considerably different in shape with different “attachments,” so they have different interesting features for my cats. It was also nice to get a sixth item.

          Please note, this review is showing up a little late because CatLadyBox had a bit of shipping trouble getting one of the items in, and they’ve also made a switch to shipping a week into the month instead of right at the beginning of the month. But they were perfectly upfront about this and kept subscribers updated via email.

          To Wrap Up:

          Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You’re likely to receive May’s box. From CatLadyBox:

          The cutoff day to order each month is at midnight EST on the 26th. If you order before the cutoff time, we’ll ship you the next month’s box. If you order after that date, your first box will be one after that. For example: Order by December 26th to get the January box. We’ll ship the January box at the very end of December so you get it in the beginning of January!

          Way back when I signed up, I was contacted to say there were a few past boxes leftover and asked if I’d like one of those. So it may be worth inquiring if you’re interested in this particular box.

          Value Breakdown: At a price of $39.99 for this box, you are paying approximately the following per item:

          • Water bottle $10.53
          • Charger $9.68
          • Shirt $8.42
          • Trivet $6.31
          • Butterfly toy $2.52
          • Pot of gold toy %2.52

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          What do you think of March’s CatLadyBox? Do you subscribe to any cat boxes?

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          CatLadyBox “Spring Time” Subscription Review – March 2021