CatLadyBox Subscription Box Review – January 2021

CatLadyBox is a monthly subscription box for cat ladies (or anyone who is crazy about cats)! The $34.99 per month CatLadyBox has 2-3 cat-themed items – wearables, items for the home, books, etc. The $39.99 per month Crazy CatLadyBox contains everything from the CatLadyBox plus a few items just for cats.

This is a review of the $39.99/month “Crazy” CatLadyBox.

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About CatLadyBox

The Subscription Box: CatLadyBox

The Cost: $39.99 per month + free U.S. shipping. Save with longer subscriptions.

The Products: Unique and exclusive cat lady finds, from cat-themed jewelry and clothes to accessories, home décor, books, and more.

Ships to: The U.S. (free in the contiguous 48 states), U.K., Canada, and Alaska and Hawaii ($12.95)

CatLadyBox January 2021 Review

CatLadyBox is always full of fun, cat-themed lifestyle items. Let’s see what was in store for January:

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    I love how the information cards have custom artwork every month. And the back has more information about the items in the box. This month has a “Mew Years” theme.

    On to the items:

    Mew Year 2021 Shirt – Retail Value $19.99

    Our wearable item this month is a t-shirt. I recently had to purge old t-shirts but needed some new ones because I’m still working from home, so this comes at a good time. Although Cat Lady Box recently started offering XS sized shirts, I opted to stay with size S as it’s a little roomier for lounging around. This is a simple design in neutral colors that I’ll be able to wear out of the house (one of these days, or years…) but it also works for lounging around. Cat Lady Box varies the shirt style from month to month and while it’s not the softest material they’ve ever sent, it is comfortable!

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      Brilliant Cat Glasses – Retail Value $29.99

      This is probably the most practical drinkware we’ve received from Cat Lady Box. It doesn’t require hand washing (I assume) because there are no decorations — there are stylized kitty faces cut into the glass. We are always needing new 8 oz glasses for juice and other everyday drinks although these are fancy enough to serve mixed drinks if that’s your thing.

      Flurry Snowballs Cat Toy – Retail Value $6.99

      Wand toys from Cat Lady Box are always quite popular. I got a lot of shots of Sneaky with this JUST AFTER she’d did something cute. (I think my camera speed was slow because we were in the bedroom and it was kind of dark.) She also kind of liked the stick end, which she tends to do. I do wish the string part had been just a touch shorter, but overall, this was a hit.

      Petie the Penguin Catnip Toy – Retail Value $5.99

      Here is the second toy for the month. This is a catnip plush that is on the larger side of things, which is not always something my cats are interested in, but they really seemed to like this one. Madison would not stop rubbing his head on it. (He’s an old man at 13 so I’m happy for any interaction with toys.)

      Fluffy Snowball Cat Pen – Retail Value $5.99

      Pens tend to get lost at my house and it’s not entirely the cats’ fault – I set them down in odd places. This one should be harder to lose and even though the topper is kind of large, it’s not too weighty. We have received pens in Cat Lady Box before, but only a couple of times over the years; I think they come at a good rate as they’re usually styles where it’s not easy or possible to replace the ink (so you don’t end up with too many pens).

      Gratuitous cat photos:

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        Madison is the black cat, Sneaky is the calico, and Monkey is tan and white (I was asked in another review which one was which).

        Verdict: I calculated a value of about $68.96 for the January 2020 “Crazy” CatLadyBox. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of the three “human” items (pen, glasses, and shirt) and my cats seem happy with the toys. Although this may not be the highest-value Cat Lady Box ever, it exceeds the month-to-month price of the box by a fair amount (almost $20) and the contents are practical, so it’s a win for us.

        To Wrap Up:

        Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You’re likely to receive February’s box. From CatLadyBox:

        The cutoff day to order each month is at midnight EST on the 26th. If you order before the cutoff time, we’ll ship you the next month’s box. If you order after that date, your first box will be one after that. For example: Order by December 26th to get the January box. We’ll ship the January box at the very end of December so you get it in the beginning of January!

        Way back when I signed up, I was contacted to say there were a few past boxes leftover and asked if I’d like one of those. So it may be worth inquiring if you’re interested in this particular box.

        Value Breakdown: At a price of $39.99 for this box, you are paying approximately the following per item:

        • Shirt $11.59
        • Glasses $17.40
        • Wand Toy $4.05
        • Penguin Toy $3.47
        • Pen $3.47

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        What do you think of January’s CatLadyBox? Do you subscribe to any cat boxes?

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        CatLadyBox Subscription Box Review – January 2021