CCN Main Street Hallowe'en Conversion

 I promised a full post on my latest shop and here it is.

stitched on 32 count Murano in Charcoal Slate from Sparklies

This is the original design:

You can see that I took the original colours and just darkened them a bit.  The peachy-orange walls became peachy-brown.  The green awnings and door became lime-green and the trims a dark brown.  The upstairs curtains stayed the same purple.

Then I added the brass cauldron sign, some cauldrons in the window and a large cauldron bubbling away for demonstration purposes so passing witches could gather around it rather than be seated at a nice little patio table.  All of these extras were designed by me using pencil and graph paper.

Here are the three completed shops so far:

Originally I planned to put another tree to the left of this shop but then I discovered that Waxing Moon Designs do a whole series of houses which should fit perfectly!

So once I have stitched all ten of the shops I can choose four of these to go in the corners.

The WIPGO Board has called CCN Main Street again for October so I will be adding another shop next month.  The Bakery will be going next to Cauldrons, but of course it won't be a Bakery.  In fact it's not going to be anything edible!

Finally, there will be a Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop as usual this year. I am sure you all know how it works but for those who need a reminder - here's a link to last year's

If you want to take part, just leave a comment here or email me if you are a "no reply" person. I need an email address for you to take part in this hop.

CCN Main Street Hallowe'en Conversion