Chef Profiles: Adam Park

Culinary Crafts • 573 W State Street, Pleasant Grove •

   When clients hire Culinary Crafts, they get more than a catering company. They get professional, seasoned advice from experts who know and love food.

   At the top of that list is Adam Park, director of culinary operations.

   “We are at our best when guests give us the trust to introduce new ideas and dishes,” Adam says. “Just like at some fine restaurants, you’ll have the best experience when you let the chef choose what comes to your table. If you trust us with your menu, you will be blown away by the taste, you will most likely learn something new and you’ll support your local farmers and purveyors.”

   Culinary Crafts kitchens, led by Adam, are at the heart of the state’s premier catering company, now run by the second generation of Crafts, siblings Ryan Crafts, Kaleb Crafts and Meagan Crafts Price.

   And the kitchens are always working on improvements.

   “I like to stay current on my craft by practicing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone,” Adam says. “I love to sign up to do the menu items I’m unfamiliar with. ‘Someone wants Korean food? I’m on it.’ I’ll dive in and practice at my house. I’ll host a dinner. Then, when I need to do it for Culinary Crafts, I’m ready for it.”

   Then, Adam spends time training other kitchen staff on techniques and tastes that mean guests get consistent flavor and quality at every Culinary Crafts event.

   Culinary Crafts employs a team of 55 full-time and 200 part-time employees, and is synonymous with class, innovation and impeccable taste.

   Adam and the others dedicated to the tastes of Culinary Crafts love to supply guests with bold flavors, great textures, perfectly seasoned and with a variety of colors. The food should also be luxurious and offer a great blend of familiarity and intrigue.

   “I love when dishes are bold in flavor,” Adam says. “I love when they are interesting by way of various textures and a deft touch of salt and spices.”

   In short, he wants the food to reflect the same elements that make a great event — variety with predictability, bold moments and the right mix of people to give the event the preferred texture.

   A delicious combination.

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Chef Profiles: Adam Park