CNLP 456: The Art of Charm’s AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak on the Journey to 250 Million Downloads, How to Boost Your Confidence and Communication, and Advice to Church Leaders

The path to success is almost never linear. AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak started The Art of Charm over a decade ago and really had no idea of what it would become.

250 million downloads later, they share some of the struggles and high points, talk about how they teach young leaders communication and confidence skills, and give some advice to church leaders about what they wish was different.

Welcome to Episode 456 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

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Insights From Aj and Johnny

1. If you wanna get heard, you gotta make some noise

AJ’s and Johnny’s success of 250 million podcast downloads didn’t happen spontaneously. To get there, they put in the hard work. They took advantage of what seemed to be a bottom-of-the-totem pole opportunity, broadcasting their radio show during dead hour on SiriusXM. Additionally, they sought every opportunity imaginable to “make some noise.”

They used every promotional platform possible – Twitter, throwing stacks of flyers in Central Park, Union Square and all over the subways. Each publicity moment led to the next, even the bad ones, like being made fun of on Saturday Night Live. They were persistent and credit their ability to making noise as the launch of their success.

2. Build your confidence by applying acceptance commitment therapy

To improve their clients’ confidence, AJ and Johnny say they start with “what’s going on between your ears.” As a branch of cognitive behavioral therapy, they encourage their clients to practice acceptance commitment therapy—accepting your inner voice.

Your inner voice likely is not going away, but it can be managed. If you can accept yourself for who you are, you can make a commitment to a personal mission, to a purpose-driven life, and you can act in the face of fear. Once you find that courage, you can go after anything you want in life. By focusing on the mindset piece first, you can use practical tools and strategies to help you “get out of your own way.”

3. Communication will be THE sought-after skillset

With advances in technology, AI, and as automation continues to rule the day, the ability to communicate is going to become a very high-priced commodity. AJ and Johnny say it’s going to be a sought-after skill—because humans aren’t going anywhere.

AJ says, “We’re always going to be interfacing with machines. Your ability to influence the humans who are interfacing with machines is going to become the most sought-after skillset.” Communication is how we stay connected as humans. Humans are marshaling the machines and the AI to their advantage. AJ continues by saying, “Look at all of these leaders we look up to. It is their communication that allows them to succeed.”

Quotes from Episode 456

Outwork everyone, and the success you're looking for will come. @TheArtOfCharm
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We are wired to connect with one another. Our survival depends on it. @TheArtOfCharm
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We are losing trust in one another as humans, and we are getting more disconnected. @TheArtOfCharm
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Fresh eyes are the best eyes.
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We now all carry a device in our pocket that allows us, if we utilize it correctly, to change the world in front of us. @TheArtOfCharm
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We are going to see, as automation continues to rule the day, that the ability to communicate is to become a very high price commodity. @TheArtOfCharm
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Much like a lot of things that empower you, you have to decide what you are going to use it for. @TheArtOfCharm
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If we can accept ourselves for who we are, and we can make a commitment to a personal mission, to our core values, to a purpose driven life, we can act in the face of fear. @TheArtOfCharm
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The pond is full of more fish than ever, and those fish are lost and they're all looking for direction. @TheArtOfCharm
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The happiness study from Harvard shows the more connected we are as humans, the happier and healthier we are on this planet. @TheArtOfCharm
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The emotion that people are feeling due to what somebody says to them invokes an action. @TheArtOfCharm
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If you want to succeed in the creating space to cut above the noise, you have to be a powerful communicator. @TheArtOfCharm
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You want to have better conversations? Ask, ‘What are you excited about?’ @TheArtOfCharm
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99% of podcasts don't get listened to, 1% do. @TheArtOfCharm
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Next Episode: Beth and Jeff McCord founders Beth and Jeff McCord talk about how the Enneagram can help you better lead your team past misunderstandings and through conflict and tension toward a better future. Plus, they share how to further gain insight into how you’re wired as a leader so you can lead better.

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CNLP 456: The Art of Charm’s AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak on the Journey to 250 Million Downloads, How to Boost Your Confidence and Communication, and Advice to Church Leaders

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CNLP 456: The Art of Charm’s AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak on the Journey to 250 Million Downloads, How to Boost Your Confidence and Communication, and Advice to Church Leaders