Cobalt, Corporatism and Corruption: Time for the Green Pill


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Cobalt is essential to the Green New Deal and to corporatists eager to grab trillions from ratepayers and taxpayers. That’s why elitist corruption surrounds it.

Is there any more corrupt family than Joe Biden’s? It seems not. They are, in fact, dictionary picture representatives of the corporatism that is behind the attack on oil and gas and the embrace of global warming as the greatest robbery opportunity ever. A story that appeared yesterday on Jonathan Turley’s blog lays out the essentials. It is a story that revolves cobalt of all things.


“Arriving at the cobalt mining site” by Fairphone is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Cobalt is a relatively rare mineral making up but 0.001% of Earth’s crust. It’s used to make magnetic things, among lots of other stuff, and it’s found in fairly large quantities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a key ingredient in lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles. This is where the Biden crime family comes in, according to Turley (emphasis added):

Hunter Biden established the firm Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) Equity Investment Fund Management Company with a few American and Chinese partners in 2013. He and his American associates controlled 30 percent of the Shanghai-based operation and served on the board. They then put together the purchase of the Congo cobalt and copper mine transfer from American company Freeport-McMoRan to China Molybdenum for the sum of $2.65 billion.

The Tenke Fungurume mine was considered a human rights nightmare. The Congolese military reportedly reduced workers to virtual slaves, torched homes, and killed dissenters. Amnesty International spokeswoman Sarah Jackson denounced “the long history of excessive use of force … unlawful killings.”

However, there was money to be made and Hunter Biden was there to lend the Biden name to the enterprise. BHR served as a minority stakeholder to buy out around $1.14 billion of shares from Lundin Mining of Canada, a partial owner of the mine. China Molybdenum then bought BHR’s shares two years later to give it 80% of ownership of the mine and control of the vital natural resources.

Biden controlled 10 percent of BHR through Skaneateles LLC but his lawyer reportedly insisted that, as of April 2020, he no longer had such interests in this foreign company. That may be untrue, according to the media reports. Chinese business records reviewed by Fox News in April 2021 allegedly show that Hunter Biden continued to hold a 10% stake.

If true, it means that through the election, Hunter Biden was still receiving money from a variety of companies with close ties to the Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian governments. In this case, his alleged influence peddling was used to deliver a huge strategic advantage to the Chinese in the very area of electric cars that his father was making an American investment priority.

Notice the reference to American partners and associates. BHR is a partnership between two Chinese outfits and, here in America, the Thornton Group LLC and Rosemont Seneca Partners. I detailed a lot of this in an earlier article but Rosemont Seneca Partners was formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz, and Devon Archer. Archer was Heinz’s college roommate and has since been convicted on securities fraud and conspiracy charges.

Chris Heinz is the stepson of former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who is now Joe Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. Heinz, of course, is one the family members who control the Heinz Endowments and fund fractivism at every opportunity. Although we’re told he resigned from Rosemont in 2014, he was still involved in 2013 when BHR was formed to pursue some of the trillions to me made off the West’s ratepayers and taxpayers for climate-justified green energy scams in partnership with American enemy Communist China.

Just think about the conflicts of interest involved here. The Heinz family is integrally involved in the fight against oil and gas, funding every fractivist initiative imaginable; from phony health clinics to StateImpactPA. It plays energy politics to the hilt, despite prohibitions on lobbying by private foundations such as the Heinz Endowments. Meanwhile, Chris Heinz, through Rosemont Seneca Partners participates in setting up business with Chinese Communists to later make slimy cobalt deals, as his step-father pushes global warming as incentive to invest in cobalt and Hunter Biden uses his father’s name to put it all together and grab giant handfuls of green money. It’s the very definition of corporatism and political corruption.

And, it continues. Joe Biden just created a “new Energy Division at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy” to be lead by a global warmist by the name of Sally Benson who says ““We have a 120-year-old energy system that was built over a long time period, and we’re talking about very quickly changing that to a new system and this is a huge opportunity for American industry, for American workers, to lead.”

No, Sally, you’re fibbing. It’s an opportunity for the elites and Chinese Communists who formed BHR to capture the market on cobalt produced at the expense of African environmental pollution and human rights violations. You know it and we know it. What we need is a green pill for you to remove the scales from your eyes as you and so many others participate in this scam.

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Cobalt, Corporatism and Corruption: Time for the Green Pill