ComiXology Co-Founder/CEO David Steinberger is leaving the company

ComiXology Co-Founder/CEO and Head of Digital Comics Worldwide for Kindle David Steinberger has announced via Twitter he is leaving ComiXology for a new role at Amazon. He doesn’t detail exactly what the role is, but it is an Amazon-wide initiative. This news comes just two weeks after ComiXology responded to user frustration about changes they’ll be making to improve the user experience.

Steinberger will continue to be an advisor to ComiXology, with 9-year veterans Tom Ashley and Jeff DiBartolomeo continuing to lead the digital comics app. Steinberger has been the main source for updates over the last few years letting readers know about new Kindle app functionality as well as the development of moving ComiXology to

This is a huge turn in ComiXology history, with Steinberger founding the company with CTO John D. Roberts, and Peter Jaffe 15 years ago.

ComiXology Co-Founder/CEO David Steinberger exciting ComiXology

It has been a tough year for ComiXology, which moved its entire userbase to Amazon’s main website. The change hugely impacted the reader experience with many ComiXology subscribers reporting issues finding the comics they owned as well as reading comics on browsers. Even Patton Oswalt, comedian and actor, took ComiXology to task online suggesting they move their UI back to

That being said, Comixology has recognized they are trying to make changes and updates will be occurring soon.

Stay tuned to AIPT as we get new information on the digital comics functionality of ComiXology now fully integrated with Amazon.

ComiXology Co-Founder/CEO David Steinberger is leaving the company