Communicate with Someone Who Can No Longer Speak

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Years ago, I stumbled upon a video that remains vivid in my mind. In it, an elderly couple who had spent a lifetime devoted to one another was coping with the wife’s late-stage Alzheimer’s disease. The wife lived in a nursing home and was unhappy, aggressive, and even combative with the staff. Her condition had robbed her of her ability to communicate, so no one knew what was upsetting her or how to help her relax. Instinctually, the husband decided he would do what he’d always done: he climbed into her bed with her and held her. He cuddled with her, stroked her face, and told her he loved her. He spent hours just snuggling and holding her. Slowly, his wife responded. This angry, difficult woman became easier for the staff to handle.

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Communicate with Someone Who Can No Longer Speak