Completely Honest Review of Little Passports

Looking for Little Passports reviews? In this post, I share my honest thoughts on Little Passports — an interactive and engaging subscription box for kids ages 3-10. Plus, don’t miss the exclusive Little Passports coupon code at the bottom of this post if you’d like to sign up and try it out for your kids! {Sponsored by Little Passports. All opinions are my own.}

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What is Little Passports?

Little Passports is a monthly subscription box service for kids — mostly for ages 3-10. They offer six different monthly subscriptions geared for different ages and interests. Their goal is to ignite curiosity, help your kids explore new ideas and places, and encourage them to celebrate cultures through globally-inspired experiences, hands-on art and science activities, and stories.

My honest Little Passports review

Here are the six different subscriptions they offer:

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Little Passports Review: My Honest Thoughts

Fun fact: Little Passports was one of my first experiences with subscription boxes for kids! My older three kids tried Little Passports boxes when they were younger and loved it. But it’s been many years since then, so I was excited to be able to check it out again and see all the new updates over 10 years later!

Little Passports sent me samples of a few of their boxes for younger kids and I was really impressed. Kierstyn opened them up with me and got all excited and was saying, “Oh wow!” She spent quite a bit of time with me playing with the contents of the boxes, and I was actually surprised with how focused and into it she was considering that it’s above her level!

Little Passports World Edition Box

I love how each of the boxes are designed to complement and even build on one another. For instance, with the World Edition boxes, you study a different country each month. You’ll get a stamp for your passport, a baggage tag for the cardboard luggage box they send you, and a replica coin from each country for your coin collection. Plus, you’ll get activities, games, and more to help you study and learn about this country.

Each World Edition box helps your child expand their understanding and perspective of the world and learn more about different cultures. Years ago, when our older three were younger, we loved using these boxes in our homeschool curriculum. It’s something for them to look forward to every month and they don’t really even realize they are learning because it feels like this surprise box in the mail each month!

The Little Passport subscriptions would be great for summer learning, for those who are homeschooling, for supplementing in-school learning, and/or for young kids who aren’t in preschool/Kindergarten yet.

Little Passports reviews: our honest thoughts

A Peek At Their Animals Wild Subscription Box

Their newest subscription is called Animals Wild and it’s geared for kids ages 3-5 years old. It was a little above Kierstyn’s level (she just turned two), but I can see how she could participate in most of the activities if she was tagging along with a sibling who was preschool or Kindergarten age.

Animals Wild Subscription Box

Each box in the Animals Wild subscription comes with a a colorful new playset packed with lift-the-flap facts and fun activities that help your child:

  • Play creative, hands-on games about the animal world.
  • Build a collection of 3-D pop-out animal friends that can be used across playsets.
  • Get a head start on learning about animals and habitats.
  • Engage physically with games that make you stamp, drop, reach, and pull.
  • Meet wild, memorable creatures that open up a world of animal wonders.

If your kids love animals and hands-on play, this would be a fantastic subscription to consider!

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How Much Does It Cost?

Little Passports subscription boxes are priced between $23.95/month to $27.95/month, depending upon which subscription you purchase. It’s a better deal to purchase a 6-month or one-year subscription.

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Little Passports Coupon Code

Great news! Little Passports has generously offered to set up an exclusive coupon code for you all!

Just use coupon code MSM at checkout to save 10% off a monthly subscription, 15% off a 6-month subscription, or 20% off an annual subscription. That makes the annual subscription less than $20/month for most of the subscriptions!

By the way, these would make great gift ideas for grandparents/extended family to give for birthdays or Christmas!

To get this exclusive deal, just go to Little Passports and choose which subscription box you’d like to order and then use coupon code MSM at checkout to save even more!

Have you ever tried this subscription box? We’d love to hear your Little Passports reviews in the comments, if so!

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Completely Honest Review of Little Passports