Coronavirus GMAT Updates

coronavirus gmat accommodations and updates

NOTE:  For the most up-to-date information about the GMAT Online and 2020 testing updates, read our breakdown from Manhattan Prep Instructor, Stacey Koprince.

At Manhattan Prep, we’ve been closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19 in our communities. This is an immensely difficult time and our top commitment is to the health and safety of our students, employees, and the community. 

We know that COVID-19 is deeply disrupting your life right now, and it has the potential to delay your long-term goals for your career and education. You can still study effectively, though, and it’s also fine to delay your studies if needed—the GMAT isn’t going anywhere and neither are we.

To that end, we want you to know that we’re here for you. Here are ways we’re working to help you continue to achieve your goals, even in these tough circumstances:

  • We’re Still Teaching Live (Online): Our services, including live teacher instruction, are still available, however our in-person classes and tutoring will be meeting online for now. You can try any of our classes for free (no credit card needed) to see whether it’s the right fit for you. Our online classes are small in size, have our expert 99th-percentile instructors, and cover the same rigorous curriculum as our in-person offerings. 
  • We’re Keeping You Up To Date: As updates come from grad schools and GMAC/Pearson, we’ll keep you in the loop. Below are some resources we recommend for staying in the know, study and work from home advice, plus some additional stress-relief.  

We appreciate having you in our community and we’ve got your back. While this is an uncertain time, our team is leaning in every day to support you, and together we’re going to get through it.  

Thanks and stay healthy,

The Manhattan Prep Team

Study Advice & Recommended Resources

GMAT Online:

  • You can take the GMAT Online at least through February 28th (and this date will likely be extended). You can use a Mac or PC. The Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning sections of the exam will be the same; you won’t have to do the essay. The cost is $250.
  • GMAC, the organization that makes the GMAT, has said that they will continue to make the GMAT Online available for as long as needed / as long as there are disruptions to test centers, so it will likely still be available for at least part of 2021.
  • As of September 23, you can take the GMAT online twice total. If you’d already taken it once before September 23, you will be able to take it only one more time after that date.
  • You won’t get your scores at the end of the exam; instead, you’ll have to wait for your official report, which typically takes a few business days. The scores are kept in a separate record from test-center scores and you can choose whether to send test-center scores, GMAT Online scores, or both to your desired schools.
  • The GMAT Online will start to count towards your 8-test lifetime limit or your 5-tests-in-12-months calendar limit once the two-test option is launched on September 23.

 Read the full details from GMAC here.


  • Harvard Business Review has both an article and a video on how to work from home efficiently. 
  • Mindfulness is something MPrep recommends in everyday life, and especially now, it can be useful if you’re feeling anxious or need some techniques for self-care. Here’s a free 15 minute audio mindfulness meditation and also a 30 second video version. Or browse through this collection of free mindfulness resources.
  • The Museum Computer Network nonprofit has an extensive list of virtual museum tours, e-learning, and online collections. Check it out here.
  • MIT has virtually all of their course content available online for free at this site.
  • The Metropolitan Opera has free live audio streams of their operas here
  • Broadway Plays and Musicals have live streams available here.
  • Here’s 43 recipes for cooking with whatever’s in your pantry.
  • And here are some penguins visiting other animals in their aquarium. Because penguins!



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Coronavirus GMAT Updates