Could you be our next real blogging bride?


Happy Tuesday! How has your week been so far? Well it’s about to get that bit better as today I’m opening the doors to becoming a real blogging bride for Smashing the Glass!

That’s right – I’m looking for one bride-to-be to join our current group of STG real blogging brides. As a blogging bride, you’ll get to blog regularly (every 8 weeks starting in April) for Smashing the Glass sharing the highs and lows of planning your Jewish (or Jew-ish) wedding. You’ll be able to share your plans with, and seek advice from, the wonderfully loyal community of STG readers from all over the world.

Then, at the end of the experience you’ll not only get to celebrate your wedding, you’ll also get to have it lovingly blogged on the pages of Smashing the Glass.

If you would like to become an STG real blogging bride, you must have already set your wedding date, and that date must fall any time from 1st August 2021, onwards. You must also have a flair for writing, and be able to commit to contributing one blog post every 8 weeks. There’ll be plenty of guidance, and a few bloggy treats sprinkled along the way too!

Please apply as follows:

To apply to be an STG blogging bride, please send the following details to with the subject line: “I want to blog for STG” 

The closing date for entries is 23:59 on Sunday February 28, 2021.

Please note, applications will not be looked through unless they contain all of the following.

  1. A photograph of you and your fiancé(e)
  2. Your wedding date and venue (if chosen)
  3. A snippet of your love story! How did you meet and become engaged? Additionally please tell me about the style of wedding you’re planning.
  4. Will you be having a Jewish wedding or an interfaith Jew-ish (ie. mixed faith / culture) wedding?
  5. Please let me know how you discovered Smashing The Glass and what you would like to see more of (if anything).

Remember that your text and photo may well appear on Smashing The Glass — so please leave out any information that you may not want to share.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Could you be our next real blogging bride?