Covid Karen Crisis! – Supermarket Removes All the “Shop This Way” Arrows From the Aisles

It happens. You go looking for something, and you find something else. It could be your real self, true love, the secret to happiness (which begins by turning off networks and cable news, if you care)—a missing trinket, 20 bucks in a spring or winter coat, or maybe trouble.

I wandered into one of my local supermarkets to find some French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. It’s the store brand and guilty pleasure (they were out) but what I found was much more interesting.

They had removed all of those annoying “Shop this way arrows” that I’ve been ignoring for the past year. The red danger arrows and the green goodness ones as well. The only evidence left was these “remains.”


Market Basket - Arrow gone from floor



A few observations.


  • First, Yay! – though I confess that I may miss the looks I get from the COVID Karens every time I swim upstream.
  • I know I’ll miss the looks of the folks who are like, wow, I wish I had the stones to do that.
  • Yeah, they are still there o are they really gone?
  • And, what happened to all that extra cleaning you’ve been doing during the so-called pandemic?


I’m just busting on them – at least on the last bullet point. Anyone who works in retail with tile knows how little time it takes to dirty up a floor you clean all the time, even throughout the day—especially one with this sort of foot traffic.

But I do expect to see those shadows gone in upcoming visits.

A few more thoughts.

The Market Basket in Nashua (near Exit 8), where I did find the creamer I needed, still has the sheep herding markers. Obergruppenfurher Donchess has stringent rules in place. You vil have to continue to ignore zem as per ze previous protocols.

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Next, I’m willing to accept that this could be a trick (new arrows are coming!), but I’m hoping they are gone for good!

The distancing lines are still everywhere and need to be a mere shadow like their pointing brethren.

And? Whoever is running the Biden Administration is pretending that it’s okay to scrap distancing if you got vaccinated. You can shake hands, hug (and in Joe’s case, grope women and sniff hair – what, I thought she was Jill!), so this might be a great time to get one of these buttons!


I've Been Vacinated proof 2

It says you’ve been vaccinated in big letters, and most folks will never notice the rest (which was always the point). When they do, it just gets better. Wait, what?

Stock up now!

Note that most of our cost with these is mailing them (postage), so I can’t give them away (and we need the money to run the joint), but three for a ten-dollar donation to the “Grok is very doable at this point. We’ll offer more for more, but that’s up to you – It’s negotiable; email if you want more than three.

If you don’t do PayPal, email and he’ll tell you where to send a check.

And finally, just because it will come up, the opening up ceremony by  WRBA is believed to be a means of distracting us from the total train wreck of the Biden Administration.

I suppose he could have just tossed a few missiles into some tents in the desert the way Bill Clinton did when the Monica story broke, so maybe this is better?


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Covid Karen Crisis! – Supermarket Removes All the “Shop This Way” Arrows From the Aisles