Currently 11/11/2020: Now Back To Regular Programming . . .


Yesterday was a very difficult day, and I appreciate having the opportunity to blow off a little steam via my blog here. But I can't remain in a headspace of stress and uncertainty for the next 70 days, so I'm going to work even harder than normal to stay engaged and focused on the many wonderful things that make up our lives here in S. California.

So, Currently I Am . . .

Loving  FaceTime. For the last week, my six year old granddaughter has been using her mom's phone to FaceTime us every evening in order to read several books out loud to us, and we are loving it. Generally she spends a few minutes telling us about her day , then sits down with a pile of beginning reader books and reads to us. The process of listening to her read has been just wonderful. We are able to help her sound out new words, help her with words that can't be sounded out, and talk a little about each story as she finishes. Since we've been doing this with her almost daily, it's been exciting to see and hear how quickly her reading is progressing. And I know her mom, our youngest daughter, has appreciated the break it provides since she is on her own during weekdays for the most part, due to our military son-in-law being on temporary assignment in a different part of their state that only affords him the opportunity to return home on the weekends.

Cooking  These Greek Burgers with Feta & Yogurt Sauce.  They turned out delicious! I chose to make mine with ground beef, not ground lamb because, well, I can't stand the taste of lamb personally (to my husband's disappointment I should add - he loves lamb!). I grow my own oregano, which the recipe calls for a lot of, and the fresh herbs really brighten up what is already a terrific recipe. I also cut each burger in half, so one half burger per pita half, because for us personally we prefer meat to be the side component rather than the star. Plus it then allowed more room in each pita 'bun' for fresh vegetables and yummy feta-yogurt sauce.

Source: Eating Well

Looking Forward To  The weekend, simply because the house will be empty then of remodeling workers. Our last big interior remodeling project kicked off on Monday, and although the team working here has been professional and conscientious, it is always a bit of an adjustment turning the house over to other people. Plus, due to the pandemic we are trying to stay completely away from where the team is working, meaning just a small portion of the house is 'ours' currently. I would love to simply leave each day, but alas, I cannot in that there are many small design decisions that need to be addressed as they come up, and I'm the one of us that does that. So, the weekends will be particularly appreciated between now and the middle of December, when the job should be completed. 

Happy  That I will soon have four beautifully remodeled bathrooms, and a pretty linen cabinet and laundry room to enjoy. All six items were stuck in 1980's builder grade mode prior to our remodel kicking off, so the change should be dramatic, and once they are all completed the entire house will have been upgraded. Truly, as I walked around yesterday, I wasn't able to identify any other element in the house that needed refreshing, so I do think this is 'it' and we'll be able to settle in and enjoy for a good time to come.

Reading  My first spy novel as a result of my Book Club, the so-far-excellent Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by British author John Le Carre. Mr. Le Carre is credited with being among the first in the spy genre, thus why we selected it. It's full of the usual British wit, of which I am a hugh fan, and the story, though a bit confusing (I think this is common in spy novels, yes?) is excellently written, and exciting enough so far to keep me reading ahead of my book club chapter reading schedule.

I'm also reading The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards, who also wrote the compelling and beautiful The Memory Keeper's Daughter. This is what I call a 'Just for me' book vs. the books I read for my various book clubs. 

With the shorter days, and the need to hide out from our contractors during the day, I anticipate lots of reading will occur this month and next.

That's it for me this week. What's going on currently where you are?

Currently 11/11/2020: Now Back To Regular Programming . . .