Currently 12/13/2020: It's Been Quite A Week


The worst of the remodeling disruption is over. I'll just start with that. We are five weeks into our project, with two bathrooms completed for the most part, plus the laundry room and linen cabinetry, leaving just our downstairs master bath and guest powder room to go. Both will be done just before Christmas, the only gift I want this year!

We had a big 'oops' occur in our upstairs master this past week. We discovered that that tile team had accidentally nailed the bathroom's pocket door into place. We gave it a few tugs, but nope, that sucker was not going anywhere, leaving us with a bit of a dilemma. After a few calls back and forth with our remodel project manager, and a good amount of time on the internet, we came up with a solution that I think will look much better than what was there originally. We decided to trim the 'stuck' pocket door back into the wall, and then cover the old pocket door tracks up with new casing and trim, leaving a nice, clean 'new' doorway. Which the remodel company did, and paid for, this past Friday. Plus, nicely, they gave us a $600 credit toward a new door, which was much appreciated.

Initially, I wasn't sure how to resolve the necessary privacy issue between bedroom and bathroom. The opening, at 40", is to wide for a swinging door. A pocket door was now clearly out of the question because the old one was still in the wall, just no longer viewable. But . . . oh man, so excited . . . I located a company that installs sliding barn doors, except they have lots of options, not just rustic barn doors, and here's the one we'll be going with, which exactly matches the French sliding glass doors in the room on the opposite wall, other than that the glass is opaque for privacy rather than clear:

From the company's website, so not our bathroom, but a great representation regardless.

I am thrilled, because I actually found the old pocket door to be a great big eyesore, even more so after the bathroom's just completed remodel. But I would have likely continued to live with it due to plain old inertia. So, the 'oops' actually got me off my stick and forced me to do what I really did know needed to be done all along. So after a few sleepless nights, and much stress, I'm now excited and looking forward to what will take it's place. 

Otherwise, Currently I Am . . . 

Cooking  Just a little bit this week, but compared to the four prior weeks of construction chaos when I was reverting to easy dinners like grilled cheese and BLT's, it's a significant improvement. This week I remade these Greek burgers with feta and yogurt sauce, which made enough to serve twice, Herb roasted chicken with olives, feta and potatoes over rice, which also served us twice, and takeout pizza which ended up serving us three times. I made a big green salad every night as well. 

Photo credit: Eating Well. It was delicious!

Next week should see even more 'normal' cooking as the tiling team completes the last shower, and the final cleanup of our home can finally commence. 

Reading  Finished two books this week, the insanely convoluted Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy by John Le Carre, a book club read, and likely the only spy novel I will ever, ever, ever read, and a reread of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I have to say that in my opinion Dan Brown is not a great writer, or anything even remotely close, but I do enjoy the historically accurate items he peppers throughout his books. The book I read this time around is a special edition that is replete with photos depicting the many pieces of art, architecture, people, galaxies, and prototypes that this book is chock full of. So, for that reason alone, I actually really enjoyed my re-read.

Buying  New plush towels in a light, silvery gray for all four bathrooms, because with the cabinets and counters being the same in all four rooms, using the same towels just made sense. 

These adorable UGG boots also made their way home, the result of a trip to the outdoor San Clemente Outlet Mall to see what was bill as the World's Tallest Christmas tree. As we were walking from our car to the tree, I saw a sign advertising a just-opened UGG store, and well, that was pretty much that. 

Looking Forward To  The arrival of the COVID vaccine. I don't care if my turn in line is still a few months away, just knowing there is a line I'll be able to get into is exciting beyond words.

Are you all as excited as I am that there is finally an end to the pandemic in sight???

Planning  Finally, something to place onto my 2021 calendar arrived in my email this week, a Save The Date notice for the Pacific Air Show in Huntington Beach next October. This is a wonderful event, with amazing groups like the U.S. Navy Blue Angels performing amazing feats in the air, and I couldn't get it onto my calendar fast enough. Also, and so very cool, we'll be able to watch the show from my oldest daughter's new apartment, because their balcony looks directly out over the beach where the show will occur.

I am also looking forward to doing even more activities than I had hoped during our 2021 summer RV trip to the Pacific Northwest. So I've been busy adding possible activities to the spreadsheet I'm developing, even if I'm not comfortable putting down money to book them just quite yet. 

We also have about 80% of our RV accommodations now booked, with the two stops we'll be making along California's Lost Coast, in Mendocino and Bodega Bay, being made just this past week. This trip is going to be fantastic, all the more so after being homebound for so long.

Happy  One bathroom is fully completed, that being our upstairs hall bathroom, the one we call the kids bathroom, because it has a tub/shower combo, which my granddaughters use to bathe when the visit. I absolutely love how fresh and clean it turned out.

Here's a before as a comparison:

Watching  We are halfway through Season Three of The Crown and much enjoying it. That, plus the PBS News Hour each night, has been about it this past week. Planning to watch a holiday movie tonight, though, so there's that!

What's going on currently where you are? 

Currently 12/13/2020: It's Been Quite A Week