This laptop was designed for every type of business professional. Here are all of its innovative features.

Summit E13 Flip MSI

Gaming giant MSI keeps pushing the boundaries. MSI is well known for its core strength of quality performance and innovative features with every type of business user's demands in mind. The Summit E13 Flip EVO and Summit E16 Flip EVO, MSI's first versatile laptop series, inherits powerful DNA, added security, and efficiency features.

Aesthetics built with the golden ratio

Every detail of the design is carefully crafted. Traced back to the middle ages, St. Thomas Aquinas defined "beautiful" as "that which pleases when seen." The product had to have order, symmetry, and definiteness, which is where the inspiration hit — the concept of the golden ratio. Designed under the golden rule of proportion, the new logo and display aspect ratio of the Summit E13 Flip EVO and Summit E16 Flip EVO strictly followed the golden ratio to define aesthetics with mathematics, geometry, and striking features. 

Summit E13 Flip aesthetic MSI

Designed for business users

The Evo Summit Series wins over many number-one titles. The Summit E13 is the most versatile laptop in its class, whereas the Summit E16 Flip is the thinnest versatile laptop in the market. On-the-go demand tech has been growing, especially for business professionals looking for powerful, mobility-driven technology. MSI's models take full advantage of the latest 11th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 processor with the latest Intel® EVO™ platform. It's quite impressive with a blazing-fast computing performance, and the Iris® Xe graphics deliver real-time preview efficiency with rendering speed.

Speaking of mobility and connectivity, it's hard not to mention the new WiFi 6E. The new Summit Series is the world's first business laptop equipped with WiFi 6E. The latest WiFi 6E delivers a stunning speed to keep the connection smooth and stable. With its outstanding throughput and low latency, even multiple users are able to benefit from a better network experience on both working and entertainment. 

Fulfill all kinds of working scenarios 

The Summit E13 Flip EVO and Summit E16 Flip EVO are meant to be flexible, portable, powerful, and secured. No matter if you're on a long business journey, presenting in a meeting, or working from home, the laptop can help business people surpass any obstacle. 

The model enables laptops, desktops, tablets, and tent modes to fit the usages perfectly. The MSI PEN, winner of the CES Innovative Award 2021, integrates the stylus with a briefing pen, allowing users to control the slides by clicking the cap. Whether you are signing or presenting, the MSI PEN can make tasks effortless.

The Summit E13 Flip EVO features more than a 20-hour battery life for fast-paced mobile business users to stay productive anytime and anywhere. With MSI Center, background noise can be filtered out or reduced, and the camera greatly enhances bandwidth consumption. Thus, the Summit E13 Flip EVO and Summit E16 Flip EVO provide a great conference call experience even if you're in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Summit E13 Flip MSI 2

To keep productivity going, the laptop also sheds light on the top-notch security-driven design. There is triple protection to ensure that privacy is well-secured. The webcam's lock switch can completely cut off the electricity, so hackers cannot peep through the camera. With this design, the user never needs to have a sticker covering the webcam again. All the laptop data has also been perfectly stored via the TMP2.0 with encryption keys for advanced security. The Windows Hello is the must-have modern device characteristic to enjoy the password-free experience and protect privacy in the meanwhile.

MSI opens up another opportunity for business users to feature powerful performance, excellent mobility, and modern security. The Summit E16 Flip debuted in the MSI launch event and is equipped with the latest NVIDIA graphics card (coming soon). The laptop is also tailored for those who need more rendering speed and, even more, the power to showcase the 3D models or complex projects while on the go.

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This laptop was designed for every type of business professional. Here are all of its innovative features.