Fall Fun! A new series announcement and Across a Broken Shore preorder campaign details!





Hello all! I’m back from my summer break with two pieces of good news!

First, today begins the start of my preorder campaign for my next YA Historical book, Across a Broken Shore. I’m super excited to talk about all the goodies I have in store for readers who preorder a paperback copy, e-book copy, or request from their local library. More details are outlined at the bottom of this post.

Second, in two weeks I will be beginning a new series here on the blog titled, “Dear Debut Author”. In the series, seasoned authors will be sharing, in their own words, their experiences as a debut author and what they wish they would have known prior to release day. This is great info for those who will soon be debuts and for those of you who are querying (or on submission) because one day soon you may be a debut author too!

This fall I will also be bringing back my FIRST FIVE FRENZY series with new agent interviews. To read previous posts from over 70 agents about what captures their attention in opening pages go here: First Five Frenzy


On to the details for my preorder campaign…



Changing Hands (my local independent book store*)

*leave a comment with the order if you’d like it signed!

Book Depository

Barnes and Noble





Preorders are a big deal for authors. Early sales tells the publisher that there is excitement for the book which is very, very important!

As a thank you for preordering, I’m very excited to share details about all the goodies available to those who purchase a paperback copy, e-book, or make a library request for Across a Broken Shore.

To receive your items, please be sure to read ALL the instructions:

All preorders (U.S. and International) will receive one (1) bookmark and one (1) character sticker (Willa and Sam).

Up to the first 50 preorders (U.S. only) will receive a Golden Gate Bridge enamel pin! I’m sorry I can’t offer this as an international prize, but because I’m covering shipping costs myself, I have to keep the pins U.S. only. Closer to my release, I’ll do a pin giveaway for international readers. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

If you order from Changing Hands, the local independent bookstore where I’m doing my book launch on November 16, your preorder will automatically enter you for A SPECIAL DRAWING consisting of all of the items above, plus a silver compass necklace and a terrific smelling San Francisco candle.

I will be drawing the winner for these additional prizes at my launch, but you DO NOT need to be present to win. If you are not there to receive it, I will mail the items to you!

Library requests are included in the general preorder campaign but not the special drawing. Those putting in library requests will receive one (1) bookmark and one (1) character sticker.

Note: I will do my best to make sure the items are sent your way, but I can’t be responsible for anything lost in the mail.

To receive your items, please send an email with proof of purchase, or a copy of the library request, to atruebloodbooks@gmail.com. Please be sure to include:

your full name

email address

mailing address (as it would appear on an envelope)

The preorder campaign will end at 11 p.m. EST on Monday, November 11. All items will be shipped after that date.

Thank you as always for all your wonderful support of me and my books. I REALLY appreciate it!







Fall Fun! A new series announcement and Across a Broken Shore preorder campaign details!