If you are ALL IN plan to FAIL a lot

Going “ALL IN” got popular when the poker boom happened a few years ago. After the poker boomed, even people playing online casino at are going crazy, going “All in” as they of bluff. And you would see it on t-shirts for Football Teams and such.

Only problem is the people rooting in the stands aren’t lifting weights or getting hit by 300 pound lineman running into you at 20 mph.

So let’s just say that “all in” stuff sounds good on a t-shirt but in real life is it actually a good strategy?

I mean we have all heard it right, “you just need to go all in!”.

BUT DO YOU? I mean is that a template for success?

Actually not really. In fact, poker players are rarely all in because if you are all in a lot you are at risk of going busto or broke.

Yet this all in thing persists and I totally get it…

“On Monday I am GOING ALL IN, this will be the change I need”

Then Monday comes and your boss calls so no all in that day….

But you mix in a salad and go for a walk during lunch.

You have a reasonable dinner and check the scale in the morning and your weight is down.

Not exactly all in but it’s a start.

So then you replace your morning donut that you can’t live without with something a little more filling and nutritious. 

By Friday your lunch walk is a routine and the lady at the salad counter says “which one is it going to be today”.

“You say, let’s mix it up and do the Cowboy with beef instead of chicken”.

On Sunday you decide that a consistent bedtime at 930pm would help. So you listen to a relaxing podcast and put it on a 15 minute timer as your head hits the pillow.

You now wake up refreshed and you have a lot more energy than normal. Now instead of 4 cups of coffee you only drink 2.

To celebrate all of your recent change you and your wife go on a date night. You enjoy an IPA and have your favorite enchiladas.

When you step on the scale the next morning your weight is up, not a lot but you know once you get back into the new routine your building you will be fine. 

The next week you join a gym and start going to the 630 am class 2 to 3 times a week, along with the walking you are still doing.

The salad lady is named Jill, you bring her a Xmas card this year because she is an essential worker and you just want to say “thank you”. Something you always wanted to do but never had the time to do before.

Now down 25 pounds so much has changed one step at a time. 

You can see some ab ridges when you go to bed and your wife seems impressed.

So you decide to start counting your macros using this Eat To Perform thing you have been hearing about where you aren’t dieting all of the time.

Doesn’t that sound more effective than joining a bootcamp when your body and mind aren’t ready yet?

How has that worked in the past.

Going all in means you fail A LOT.

It’s much better to gradually make changes that point your life in a better direction.

All that fake motivation nonsense hasn’t helped and rarely does.

Remember the story about the “Three Little Pigs”? 

The lesson of that story is that you should build a strong foundation to protect yourself, otherwise you and your family are at risk.

The little pigs that took shortcuts were saved by the pig that built a strong foundation that protected them from the wolf.

Be the person that has a good strategy and isn’t gambling on your health.

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If you are ALL IN plan to FAIL a lot