Coronavirus Update 7-13-2020: Hopelessness

Today's post was either going to discuss mandatory temperature checks for employees or reopening schools. Instead, however, today will be a mental health checkup, because mine hasn't been great.

The overall hopelessness of our country's battle against coronavirus is starting to get to me. Numbers keep rising. Our President is trying to discredit our top infectious disease doctor. The believed effects of this virus keep getting worse, now with brain damage to worry about. Scientists are starting to think that herd immunity might be an impossibility. Our federal government is unreasonably pushing all children to return to school full-time in the coming weeks. There is literally no good news concerning our battle against this virus.

And all the while, people keep acting recklessly. I had to go to Lowes yesterday to pick up some supplies for a doghouse we built using leftover materials from our new deck. Even though facial coverings are now mandatory in Cuyahoga County, at least half of the customers were maskless, with at least one maskless and picking their noses. I didn't see a single employee ask anyone to put on a mask. Also, Saturday afternoon there were two massive parties in my neighborhood—huge crowds huddled closely in yards with not a single mask to be seen anywhere. It's enough to make you scream. 

Grim news + the reckless behavior of some = my growing COVID-19 anxiety. 

I'd love to be able to get back to some semblance of my life outside of my personal bubble, but the behavior of some prevents it. I don't know what the other side of this virus looks like, but I do know that the end of the tunnel keeps getting further and further away as I try my best not to infect myself and my family. And it's gotten me down.

On the positive side, I did successfully build an actual doghouse, and did so with all of my fingers and other body parts intact. So that's a huge win. And maybe the silver lining I need to get through this week.

How are you doing? Do you know how your employees are doing? Now might be a good time to ask. A couple of months ago I posted my thoughts on handling employee mental-health issues during the pandemic. Now might be a good time for you to revisit that post because I can almost guarantee that some of your employees are struggling.

Coronavirus Update 7-13-2020: Hopelessness