Scary Future of America? The Truth Might Scare You! (2019-2020)

Over the weekend, Dr. Steven Greer sat down with Jay Weidner of GaiaTV to discuss Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) and how they’ve have become a government unto themselves.

“The idea that A, the president a has an all-access pass and B, even if he’s read into these projects the idea that he has control over this group that is the mistake everyone makes. They do not. They absolutely do not. I’ll tell you how batsh*t crazy – excuse my French – this gets: a wetworks, black-bag man who had done a lot of work for the CIA, he wanted Obama to order Special Forces, using tactical nuclear weapons to invade the classified facilities at Area 51 and Dugway.”

Greer says he had to explain to him that this wouldn’t work. He told him, “If you go to Pahute Mesa and the underground facility, on top of it, you have explosive charges and underneath you have thermonuclear weapons. If anyone were to try to seize that facility, they would detonate it and the whole thing would pancake. Gone!”

They run down the list of postwar presidents, all of whom have been aware of the alien presence to varying degrees:

“Ronald Reagan didn’t have the background to know how he was being manipulated into supporting SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative. Some of those funds were going into the research and missile interception. The bulk of them went through a back door into the real Star Wars programs, which were put into developing more and more sophisticated weapons and satellites in space to track and target and down ET craft as they approached Earth.”

In a statement that apparently confirms what Daniel Liszt revealed a year ago through his own contact, Robert Merritt, Greer says that Richard Nixon “Wanted to be the Disclosure President in his second term and that’s actually why Watergate happened…he thought he had more power than he did and he was checkmated.”

“In the terms of the major media, major movies, most of the information that comes out is actually counterintelligence, spin that is designed to make people afraid that this is the raison d’être of the secrecy, right here. It’s the macroeconomic power that derives from the operating system of the whole planet, which is a linear, fossil fuel, electric grid, pumping-gas-into-your-car system…

“It’s not just about the money. It’s about the centralized power it represents, because imagine, if every village in the world and every home had its own power source…it cuts out the entire globalized, centralized multi-trillion-dollar, corporate government system.”

This interview was sprinkled with lots of interesting details I’d never heard before. For those interested in this subject, it’s definitely worth the watch.

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce


Scary Future of America? The Truth Might Scare You! (2019-2020)