Date Night in the Big City

The Ridge

On Friday, June 24th, we didn’t need to rush but were awake early enough anyway. At 6:30 we were up and getting ready for the drive to London. Gibbs, of course, was running around at our feet. “What’s going on? Me too?” We’d had our drink at home and after hooking up, Bill dumped at our station by the outhouse. It was 8:20 when we pulled out of the lane with everything locked up.

On Our Way

It was a great drive, not being in a rush, still trying to avoid all the Friday commuters. We arrived at Kirk and Kate’s farmhouse within 3 hours of leaving home. Kirk greeted us and easily got us into our spot for the night behind the storage/shop barn. Perfect! The day was a hot, sunny one so the panels were working full force providing us with power. 😊

Always traffic on the 401

Gibbs was good as long as we were moving

This party is a retirement gathering for Kirk, a co-owner of CanAm. He actually retired earlier and has been enjoying it for a few months now. Once unhooked, we left Gibbs and drove to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona. 

Kirk and Kate's lovely spot

We bought our camping memberships through this venue in 2014 and since we are no longer using the ROD and AOR portion of the membership, we wanted to cancel. This would save us almost $1,000/year.

The drive to Rock Glen Resort

It wasn’t able to be taken care of today, of course, because the main office gal is off until the 1st of July. We were advised to send her an email to cancel. It wasn’t too much of a hardship for us since it was only a 40-minute drive from where we were parked. Bill stopped at CanAm on the way back and purchased the surge protector we need and will use from now on. 😊😊

The back way in and easy way out
Can you see the Suite?

The cocktails, dinner and gathering will be outside in their backyard with dancing later in their garage so it should be a good time. Smart casual is the attire and I think we can pull that off. You should know me by now, that I like to dress up when I get the opportunity. Too much casual in the other direction, shorts, jeans, and tank tops – hmm, is that ‘stupid’ casual? Ha ha.

Gibbs got out for a couple of walks and it gave us an opportunity to see who else was here to camp like us, plus to see the lovely property. We each had our showers but although Bill got dressed around 4:30, I waited until closer to 6 before I put my dress on. The tea I had, and sitting with Gibbs at my back, made me quite hot and sticky so I was glad for the choice I’d made by waiting. 😊

We are settled for the night
Good night y'all!

I mentioned not likely being able to post a blog today but I think I will post this portion early. I can fill you in on the party tomorrow! This was a great trip this morning and after sending off the email to Jane at Rock Glen, we felt we’ve taken care of a couple of things today. Gibbs will be in charge of the Suite after 6:15 and it will/should be nice and cool in here by then. Sssh, he may suspect but doesn’t realize that yet. Bill will check on him throughout the evening.

Thank you for stopping in!

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Date Night in the Big City