☠️⚰️DEATH BY BUREAUCRACY: A System Based On Myths, Deadly Policies, Toxic, Often Incompetent, Leadership, & Right Wing Political Pandering Is Much Worse Than It Should Be!🤮


Vivian Ho
Vivian Ho
The Guardian
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Vivian Ho in The Guardian:

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The number of people seeking to enter the US has risen in recent months. Joe Biden has kept in place a restrictive Trump-era public health order that barred entry to migrants arriving at the border without prior authorization, essentially ensuring that no new asylum claims have been processed at points of entry for more than a year. But the pandemic, cartels and extreme climate events have created conditions so desperate that many migrants are willing to take grave risks.

“Our border policy is set to create really dangerous situations for people to deter people from migrating,” said Erika Pinheiro, the litigation and policy director at the immigrant legal aid organization Al Otro Lado. “But it doesn’t deter migration, it just leads to more deaths, whether it’s an overheated tractor trailer or an SUV crash.”

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What if rather than recycling and mindlessly doubling down on proven to fail “enforcement only” policies (that also happen to be expensive), we ran an honest legal system that fairly, timely, and orderly granted refuge to those who qualify under correct, generous interpretations of protection laws and dealt an a fair and humane manner with those who don’t qualify?

I’m not saying we don’t need more comprehensive immigration reform. In particular, we need the legalization program, a much larger and more rational legal immigration system, and an independent, Article I Immigration Court, staffed by real, expert judges, for starters. 

But, in the meantime, since the GOP has shown no interest whatsoever in reasonable legislative changes, we could do a much, much better job of administering the current laws in an efficient, reasonable, and humane way that would further the national interest, rather than undermining it. 

It won’t happen, however, without bringing in a better team from outside the existing bureaucracy. The longer the Biden Administration waits to replace the dysfunctional bureaucracy with experts who can solve problems and rationalize this system, the more difficult the task becomes.

For example, there are only a handful of folks in the current bureaucracy who understand the problems and the potential solutions as well as Erika Pinheiro. As long as folks like Erika are on the “outside” fighting to block misguided policies and get the attention of those in charge, our border and immigration policies generally will remain a mess as they been for decades before launching into “free fall” under the malicious incompetence of the past four years!

Erika Pinheiro
Erika Pinheiro, Litigation & Policy Director, Al Otro Lado, speaks at TEDSalon: Border Stories, September 10, 2019 at the TED World Theater, New York, NY Photo: Ryan Lash / TED

It’s possible to view today’s announcement that Vice President Kamala Harris has been put in charge of the Biden Administration’s “border strategy” as a bright spot. But, unfortunately, not necessarily. 

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris
Official Senate Photo
Public Realm

Talk about a “strategic alliance” with sending countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, even Mexico, all with exceptionally poor human rights records and huge official corruption problems, sounds like it could be more “Trump Lite,” inhumane and ultimately ineffective enforcement, rather than an innovative, enlightened humanitarian response. 

In other words, Harris and Biden could well repeat, in some manner, the Trump “policy” of trying to insure that asylum seekers die in their home countries, die on the way, or get held in cages somewhere south of the border outside the “normal interest zone” of the American media and grandstanding US politicos. Disturbingly, there was no initial recognition that “wooden cliches” like “enforcing the law” actually means recognizing the legal right of individuals to leave their countries and seek asylum elsewhere, as well as a fair, humane, timely, and competent system for processing asylum claims that respects human dignity. 

We don’t meet any of those criteria right now (nor do any of the “partner countries” listed above). Worse yet, the folks who understand and have ideas on how we might get to where we need to be are consigned to the “outside” — trying to correct errors through litigation and the media — rather than being actively engaged in solving problems. Not a good approach for an Administration that claims to believe, as I do, that good government can and should serve the public interest by relying on experts and the “best and brightest” to solve problems.

So, anyone in the NDFPA who has connections to the Harris camp had better use them in attempting to insert some truth and enlightened thinking into what is typically a grim, tone deaf, and ineffective USG response. Otherwise, we’re likely to see a variation of “same old, same old,” which is why we continue to fail to deal with a pressing, recurring human issue in a legal, humane, informed, and courageous way. I/O/W, “business as usual” in a bankrupt system, just with a different “spin.”

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☠️⚰️DEATH BY BUREAUCRACY: A System Based On Myths, Deadly Policies, Toxic, Often Incompetent, Leadership, & Right Wing Political Pandering Is Much Worse Than It Should Be!🤮