Defending Our Democracy

We need to face facts. New Zealand’s democracy is being undermined by Jacinda Ardern’s Government.

The Prime Minister’s decision to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as outlined in He Puapua – their Vision 2040 plan of action – signals a deathblow to democracy if fully enacted.

Under the guise of “biculturalism”, He Puapua aims to establish 50:50 tribal rule by 2040.

But any government that deliberately surrenders half of its statutory power to a self-selected tribal elite would bring to an end two centuries of established democratic rule. New Zealand would no longer be a democracy – elected members would no longer be sovereign but would be beholden to the wishes of a dictatorial tribal aristocracy.

To achieve tribal rule, a new Treaty of Waitangi constitution would need to be introduced, with tikanga-based law.

The implications of such changes are profound, as David Round, a constitutional law expert at Canterbury University has warned, “If the Treaty gets into our constitution, then the majority of the people of New Zealand will become second-class citizens in their own country. This must not happen. If it does happen, then our increasingly divided country will be irrevocably stuffed.”

He points out that a Treaty-based constitution would guarantee a privileged status to those of Maori descent forever, since any attempt to undo such an arrangement would be struck down as unconstitutional.

Every new law and regulation introduced under a 50:50 co-governance regime will be vetted to ensure the tribal hierarchy is prioritised and enriched. There would be nothing to stop such a tribal dictatorship from using their regulatory and revenue raising powers to force private property owners off their land or to impose such punitive costs on resources like water, that anyone but tribal members would be priced out of business.

The Prime Minister’s Vision 2040 roadmap to implement the UN Indigenous Rights Declaration identifies such a massive constitutional upheaval that it is unconscionable that a public mandate has not been sought. Instead, this totalitarian agenda is being progressed by stealth, and most New Zealanders have no idea what’s going on.

Government laws that are now being introduced increasingly include special tribal privileges, as well as veto rights over decision-making.

Government employees are not only being forced to undergo cultural “training”, but in some cases are even required to swear their allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The education system has already been captured by separatists and is being transformed into a Treaty indoctrination machine.

State funded institutions – including the so-called “independent” media – are now proactively spreading separatist propaganda and inundating the public with Maori language and culture.

The Ardern Government is deliberately and proactively dividing New Zealanders along racial lines.

It’s not just the “Government”, of course, that’s pushing separatist rule – tribal activists are on the frontline bullying and intimidating anyone who stands in their way. Whether it’s councillors who voted against Maori wards, social media users criticising race-based rights, or members of the public defending democracy, everyone who speaks out against the Maori supremacy agenda risks being targeted and attacked.

So what does the future hold?

A fundamental question for New Zealanders, is whether we do nothing and accept Vision 2040 as our destiny – with separatist rule replacing our democracy and the country torn by tribalism and racial strife – or whether we find the courage to defend our democracy by following the lead of countries like Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, and Belgium, which have understood the dangers and removed references to ‘race’ from their Statute books.

These countries have acknowledged the reality that there is only one race of people – the human race. They recognise that “race” is a dangerous political construct – a key part of the identity politics lexicon that is pivotal to cultural Marxism and the socialist divide and rule paradigm.

In other words, Kiwis have a choice – do we continue down Jacinda Ardern’s path to a future where race is weaponised, democracy is undermined, and tribalism is empowered, or should we take a stand and protect our democracy from those seeking to destroy it.

If we care that our forefathers sacrificed themselves defending New Zealand’s one-person-one-vote democracy, then we too must uphold it. 

In doing so, we should be mindful of the lesson shared with us last month by Dr Arif Ahmed of Cambridge University, who successfully defeated free speech restrictions imposed by the University Council – while the radicals seeking to restrict liberty and democratic rights are extremely vocal, they are very small in number, which means that if the majority of citizens stand together to defend their rights, extremism will be defeated and common sense will prevail.

The first step in defeating the extremism that New Zealand now faces is to ensure that everyone promoting separatism understands the end game.

Do those people calling our country “Aotearoa New Zealand” and inundating us with Maori language and culture realise they are supporting a plan to replace our democracy with separatist rule? When they use “Aotearoa” ask them why they would even consider surrendering democracy to a tribal dictatorship.

The reality is that many people will be using “Aotearoa” because they’ve either been instructed to do so, or they think it’s a kind or trendy thing to do. Most will have no idea they are promoting such a toxic agenda.

If speaking out results in accusations of “racism”, just say “no”. Tell the bullies there’s nothing racist about supporting equal rights and a colour-blind society. Tell them it’s those promoting racial privilege who are the ‘racists’.

And, when they try to twist this by claiming that only members of a majority can be racist, let them know they are talking self-serving nonsense and remind them that anything that divides Kiwis by race is racist!

When activists claim that “colonisation” is to blame for Maori disparity, explain that’s just separatist propaganda, that it’s not skin colour that causes disparity but family breakdown, substance abuse, intergenerational welfare dependency, and educational failure. 

Remind them that through the rule of law, property rights, tools, technology, and the benefits of Western civilization, colonisation transformed New Zealand from a primitive and violent Stone Age society, into the modern nation it is today.

In response to similar attacks on colonisation in the UK, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is recommending a new teaching resource for children – The Making of Modern Britain focuses on the positive influence of the Commonwealth, so that children can feel proud of their British heritage.

A new teaching resource will soon be introduced into our schools – New Zealand history will be the only compulsory subject in our curriculum. But the process has been captured by separatists who are determined to indoctrinate the next generation not with pride, but guilt, to no doubt ensure that Vision 2040 and tribal rule becomes a reality.

The Ministry of Education’s draft curriculum, which has been released for public consultation, reveals that Kiwi children will be taught that Maori signing the Treaty of Waitangi did not cede sovereignty to the Crown: “It is clear that Maori did not cede their mana to the Crown, and that they signed in the belief that it would give them power to govern in partnership with the Governor.”

George Orwell’s warning in his iconic novel 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past” is coming to fruition in New Zealand, with our Prime Minister now seemingly planning to indoctrinate children with fake history, to no doubt ensure on-going support for her dangerous agenda for tribal rule.

Like many other New Zealanders, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, educationalist Tony Sayers, is dismayed by the separatist attacks on our democracy and shares his views on how we should respond:

“Democracy and true equality for all New Zealand citizens needs protection, and the majority of the population must apply equal and opposite action against any form of imposition of Maori power over them. This can take the form of simple actions like showing contempt for Maori attempts at domination: slow-clapping, foot-stamping, whistling or coughing for Maori mihis and karakias… or at council meetings that are opened with waiatas.

“Standing and turning your back towards those who are foisting their culture upon you is another option. Some courageous councillors have spoken out, or called for ‘points of order’ when the council business is set aside to accommodate Tikanga. These actions are disrespectful to any culture, but then the imposition of Maori culture over your culture is equally disrespectful.”

Tony commends retired teacher John Bell, who, in a recent Breaking Views article, provided practical suggestions to counter anti-democratic separatist propaganda – such as cancelling subscriptions and donations to charities if they persist in promoting separatist culture and language in spite of requests to desist.

Many New Zealanders are now ‘switching off’ – refusing to watch television programmes or listen to radio stations that are proactively promoting separatism. They are cancelling newspaper subscriptions for the same reason.

Those who are writing letters of complaint to the bosses of organisations promoting separatist propaganda – explaining they will not support anyone endorsing an agenda to undermine New Zealand democracy – are finding their concerns are taken much more seriously when they contact the Board of Directors as well.

Ideally, to combat New Zealand’s headlong rush into separatism, we not only need Parliamentary parties to step up and take a lead, but we also need widespread public awareness as well.

Our collective objective should therefore be to build a strong movement of New Zealanders committed to defending our democracy against separatism.

Here are three things you can do:

  1. Make a submission opposing the draft New Zealand History curriculum – the details can be found HERE.
  2. Take a stand against separatist propaganda whenever you have an opportunity to do so. 
  3. Support the NZCPR’s Declaration of Equality.

We first launched the Declaration of Equality in 2012, when the Maori Party was attempting to force a Treaty of Waitangi constitution onto our country. We countered their plan for tribal control with our vision of a strong democracy – a colour-blind society based on equal rights for all citizens.

Thousands of patriotic New Zealanders supported our Declaration at that time and the separatists’ plan for a new constitution was defeated.

We have now relaunched our Declaration of Equality. It states:

We, New Zealanders of all backgrounds, having founded and developed our democratic society in equality, fairness, and comradeship, oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division.

We pledge to oppose those who are attempting to undermine our democracy by imposing the fetters of racial inequality onto the free citizens of New Zealand.

There shall be one law for all:

– We reject all references to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
– Such references must be removed from all existing legislation.
– The race-based Parliamentary seats must be abolished.
– Race-based representation on local bodies must be abolished.
– The Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness, must be abolished.

Help us create a strong movement to defend our democracy by signing the Declaration of Equality and calling on others to do the same.

Let’s join together and fight for a colour-blind society where all New Zealanders are equal in the eyes of the law, with all race-based preferment abolished.

Our plan is to establish a dialogue with those who sign the Declaration to create an ideas bank where supporters can share their experiences and suggestions of ways to defend New Zealand democracy from those seeking to undermine it.

You can sign the Declaration of Equality HERE.

We must never forget that a democracy is ‘owned’ by the people not the politicians. If we stand together, our team of 5 million does not have to accept the loss of our democratic rights. But we have to ensure other Kiwis are aware of what’s going on so that they too can take a patriotic stand.

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Yes, race should definitely be removed from all laws – it has become a massive con on New Zealand! This is a multi-cultural colour-blind society and the sooner the laws and politicians catch up that reality the better. Thomas
It is appalling what is going. Isn’t trying to destroy democracy called treason! Harry
Race need to be removed from our Statutes while it is still possible. With all the indoctrination that is presently going on, we will soon run out of time.   Mary
What planet is the Prime Minister on to approve a plan to replace democracy with tribal rule. It is unbelievable.  Ray
Yes, yes, yes – remove race, Maori seats and the Waitangi Tribunal. They are all relics of the past. It is time to look forward, not backwards.  Darryl

Defending Our Democracy