Deity McCain worship continues at AZ Republic

Cindy McCain proposes Arizonans develop amnesia and “Celebrate Sen. John McCain’s life of civility…”

The Hillary-endorsing, viciously anti-Trump Arizona Republic newspaper has a tough time with death, even hiding local obituaries inside the “Sports” section. Its own imminent demise was given a reprieve when parent company Gannett was recently bought by GateHouse, in a time stalling measure before the declining newsosaur finally turns its toes skyward. The infusion of oxygen allows the incredibly shrinking, far-left newspaper to continue its grief-laden tributes to John McCain. The foul-mouthed Republican pretender died August 25, 2018 at his Cornville, AZ compound.

These headlines, (more articles are sure to follow), some including large photos, all appear in the latest online and hard copy editions:

A year after his death, John McCain still looms large

Cindy McCain on her first year without John McCain

Which McCain kids might run for public office?

Five things we miss about Sen. John McCain

Jack McCain reflects on a year without his dad

Core of the Party is gone’: McCain still part of debate a year after death

Separately, Cindy McCain sent out this email, headlined, “Celebrating Senator John McCain’s life of civility and service.” Whitewashed are his vulgar tirades and renown spews of vile cursing and threats. John McCain was known for many things — civility was not one of them.

Dear Friends –

This Sunday, August 25, our family will celebrate the life of my husband, Senator John McCain. It has been a year since he passed. Like many of you, I miss his voice of reason, sense of humor and commitment to our country.

John never backed down from a fight and wasn’t shy about speaking his mind. However, he always maintained the utmost respect for his affectionately dubbed “sparring partners.” It is with this spirit of civil discourse and bi-partisan collaboration in mind that my family and I plan to mark the anniversary of John’s passing by engaging in #ActsOfCivility. John’s commitment to civility and serving causes greater than ourselves was unwavering and something we must not abandon without him.

You can help our family honor John by engaging in an act of civility of your own sometime between Sunday, August 25, and Friday, August 30, and posting about it on your favorite social media platform using #ActsOfCivility. Your act can be as simple as an act of compassion or service or something more meaningful like opening a new dialogue with a competitor or family member with whom you regularly disagree. You can follow our campaign on Twitter or Instagram at @CindyMcCain, @McCainJack and @McCainInstitute. To help spread the word, please like or re-post the content on these channels beginning August 21. And for some fun, check out our Snapchat filter celebrating John and send a snap to your friends on August 25.

Finally, encourage your friends, family and members of your community to participate as well. We can accomplish great things from a place of common ground.


Deity McCain worship continues at AZ Republic