DEP Talks Diversity, Equity and Inclusion While Knifing Us


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PA DEP Secretary, Pat McDonnell, is nothing if not politically correct. He’s pushing diversity, equity and inclusion but not for us in the DRBC region!

I know Pat McDonnell. He’s a nice fellow who gives off an aura of quiet professionalism, but that’s not what he delivers. No, he may be the least independent, least objective and most politically correct DEP Secretary ever. The evidence is everywhere but a recent email from McDonnell to DEP employees illustrates.

Here is the DEP email, supplied by a friend (links are available only to DEO employees and emphasis added):

DEP Diversity Awareness Campaign

In addition to the weekly Diversity media updates, the Diversity committee and I would like to take time this week to bring awareness to our new DiverseEP committee and diversity in the workplace. Here at DEP, we recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

I want it to be clear that this agency is strengthened by all diversity – race, neurodivergence, age, ability, country of origin, sexual orientation and gender expression, and religious and cultural backgrounds.

A little over a year ago, many of us joined in discussions and workgroups, formed book clubs, attended trainings, had difficult conversations, reviewed many of our processes, and took a look the makeup of our advisory boards. This work continues and is echoed throughout executive branch agencies. We’re beginning to roll some of this out on the new DEI IntraDEP page. Here you’ll find perspectives on DEI issues from your colleagues as well as tools and resources to engage and learn.

The Governor’s Office has also been building an office to address Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the Office of Advocacy and Reform. This three-person team held a meet & greet session over the last month. Details can be found on our learning page.

I encourage you to learn more, engage, and think of what actions you can take – in whatever role you serve – to further DEI@DEP. Take a moment and test your knowledge with a fun and informative quiz.

Finally, I’d like to thank our DiverseEP Steering Committee members: Glory Suarez, Domenic Rocco, Allison Acevedo, Aneca Atkinson, Larry Holley, Neil Bakshi, Ngani Ndimbie, and Lauren Fraley for all of their hard work. The DEP Diversity Awareness Campaign would not have been possible without their efforts. They will be sending you some emails this week highlighting Diversity in the workplace and participation opportunities, so please keep an eye on your inbox.


So, our DEP, under Pat McDonnell, is focused on gender expression, rather than air and water quality now? It appears that way. A DEP Secretary so afraid of his shadow as to cave to the fad of announcing one’s preferred pronouns is hardly a leader.

And, what’s this about cultural backgrounds? Are we to believe rural folks like those of us who reside in the DRBC region are to be given the same rights as other Pennsylvanians? Well, no, of course. There is no equity or inclusion for us; none whatsoever. We cannot utilize our property rights because the DRBC has, so far, arbitrarily stolen them, with his vote. Moreover, his vote was to side with New Yorkers and the gentry class funders of extremist groups such as the Delaware PovertyKeeper whose sole mission seems to be killing oil and gas. How dis the folks get their privilege and was is Pat McDonnell putting them above. Where are our rights? Why are we being stolen blind with the help of Pat McDonnell? Equity? Inclusion?

Pat McDonnell is Tom Wolf’s ‘man’ on the DRBC. He knows full well — arguably better than anyone — that DEP regulations have protected the SRBC region, where the same governing majority, including himself, is in charge, with “no discernible impacts” on stream water quality. He admitted this to Senator Lisa Baker and, yet, there is no equity for us, no inclusion for us in the world of economic opportunity so many other Pennsylvanians have enjoyed from natural gas development. McDonnell’s email message is nothing unadulterated politically correct blather. He’s an empty suit. Tom Wolf’s empty suit.

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DEP Talks Diversity, Equity and Inclusion While Knifing Us