Diana, Beverly and Dave

In The Wall Street Journal this week,
I interviewed Outlander series novelist Diana Gabaldon for my "House Call" column in the Mansion section (go here). Her latest Outlander novel was published this week: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Diana talked about growing up in Arizona and why she pursued science up through the doctorate level before starting her first Outlander novel at age 35 in 1991. Mozart had something to do with her decision. So did a chance online meeting with an author who shared his agent with her. Diana may not have done any time travel, like her Outlander characters, but she's certainly on good terms with fate. [Photo above of Diana Gabaldon by Douglas Watkins, courtesy of Diana Gabaldon]

Here's Diana on tour of the Starz set of Outlander in Scotland in 2014...

And here's Diana's cameo in Outlander...

Rock Concert hi rez
Signed copies
. I was at Carolyn Brody's BookHampton in East Hampton, N.Y., last week to sign a batch of Rock Concert books for the store. So if you want an autographed copy for yourself or for a gift, quickly call BookHampton or order online here. Looks like they have just five signed copies left so hurry. Below, I'm holding as many copies as I could manage and I'm with BookHampton store manager Jesse Bartel. Photos courtesy of the great East Hampton Star photographer Durell Godfrey...

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Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 8.06.29 PM

SiriusXM. If you missed my recent SiriusXM appearance with Nik and Lori to talk about Journey's Don't Stop Believin', listen for free here...

Singer Beverly Kenney
in a Lincoln Aviator commercial? Yep. The song is from her Sings for Playboys (1958) album with pianist Ellis Larkins. Go here.

Beach Boys.
Want to research every concert the Beach Boys played since they formed at the dawn of the 1960s? There's now an entire site devoted to their performances. Max Frazee found one. Go to Beach Boys Gigs here.

And now, this. Pianist Dave Thompson plays All of You in the style of Bill Evans. Go here..

A350 cockpit HUD
And finally,
when you travel by plane, I bet you have little or no idea what the pilots do in the cockpit pilot prior to departure, when pulling back from the gate, taxiing and taking off. Because I'm a bit of an aviation geek, I'll give you an up-close look at how complex this job is and what these guys and gals must do throughout the process. You may find this clip akin to watching paint dry. I find it fascinating—the expertise, the coded language with the towers and each other, the technology and the awesome responsibility and process for getting everything exactly right. A side note: I love how just before San Francisco International's alpha tower hands over the Aer Lingus Airbus flight to local air-traffic control, their final communication is "Shamrock 140 heavy, goodnight." Sit back and enjoy the pre-flight drama here...

Source: jazzwax.com

Diana, Beverly and Dave