Discounted MeliaRewards points on Amazon – book 4* London hotel for £70, 4* New York for £64!

For the last couple of years, MeliaRewards has been selling points very cheaply via Amazon over Black Friday.  The offers run on one or both of the UK or Spanish sites.

The price of MeliaRewards points has just dropped sharply on the UK site this morning although, oddly, it isn’t marked as reduced.  This may be the 2020 Black Friday deal starting early.

Buy Melia points on Amazon

Points come in the form of gift cards you deposit into your MeliaRewards account.  Here are the current prices:

35,000 points for £103 – £2.94 per 1,000

55,000 points for £161 – £2.92 per 1,000

EDIT 8am TUESDAY:  Both points package is now showing as ‘Sold Out’, but I would keep checking back. 

You CAN still buy via using our UK Amazon account via this link for the same price.

For comparison, the 55,000 points package has been at £290 for most of 2020.

You can check the price and availability on this page of UK Amazon site.

I bought this deal in 2018, when I paid €165 for 55,000 points off Amazon Spain.  This is what you get:

Melia Rewards Amazon points offer

Whilst the card itself is credit card sized, the leaflet it is stuck to is A5:

MeliaRewards Amazon points offer

The instructions were simple enough that even my rudimentary (ie non existent) Spanish could follow them:

You log into the Melia website and head to ‘My Points’

Filter the earning and spending options by ‘Shopping’

Click on Amazon.  As well as explaining how to redeem your points for gift cards, there is a box to deposit your gift card.  I typed in the number and the 55,000 points immediately appeared as you can see below.

Melia Rewards Amazon points offer

Can you get value paying £161 for 55,000 MeliaRewards points?

Oh yes.

Of course, with rates currently rock bottom due to covid, the value for short term stays may not always be there.  If you buy now for bookings later in 2021, however, you should do nicely.

Having spent a lot of time exploring the MeliaRewards redemption chart, it is not as random as it first seems.  It is simply that hotels have totally weird redemption values which makes them appear random.

INNSIDE New York, which we reviewed here, is just over 22,000 points per nightThere is real value here – cash rates are typically around £300 per night in the Summer (although who knows how Summer 2021 will go?) whilst you would be paying £64 if you redeemed gift card points!

In London, the Melia White House is 27,440 points per night.  This works out at (x £2.92 per 1,000) £80.12.  On 24th June, for some reason, it drops to 24,000 points (£70) when the cash price is £297!

The trendy ME London on the Strand is 47,040 points per night.  This makes it a laughably cheap, for a hotel of this standard, £137 per night.

Outside London, INNSIDE Manchester – which we reviewed here – is 18,757 points, or £55.  This is in line with cash pricing at present but this hotel is usually substantially more expensive.

INNSIDE Newcastle, which opens next month (image below), is also 18,757 points.

INNSIDE Newcastle

There are real opportunities for a super-cheap Summer 2021 holiday in Spain or elsewhere in the Med

Being a Spanish company, Melia clearly has a huge number of Spanish properties, both in cities and in beach resorts.  This promotion could be an opportunity to lock in a deal for next year.

What you CAN’T do is transfer these points to Avios or to anything else.  They are ringfenced for hotel stays.   You also need to note that the hotel only offers a few rooms per night at the points prices above – once those have gone, rather like the way Hilton Honors works, redemptions are priced off a revenue based system which is much less attractive.

This is how I used my points in 2018

In 2018, I bought 55,000 points for €165 via a similar offer, albeit from the Amazon Spain site.  I used 48,500 for two nights at the Melia White House for my brother.  This was during Wimbledon and the cash rates were over £250 per night.

Surprisingly, after this stay I was able to transfer the remaining points to Avios at 10:3.  This got me another 2,000+ Avios.

My total return on €165 was therefore £500-worth of hotel rooms plus 2,000+ Avios.  Not bad!

I wouldn’t buy these points totally speculatively, but if you are fairly sure you can use them then this is a very good dealThe link to the Amazon page is here.  I have no idea how long the price will remain this low or if the Spanish site will join in with a similar deal at some point.

Melia Rewards points Amazon

PS.  Remember that if you have The Platinum Card from American Express, you can claim free Gold status in MeliaRewards.  This will give you extra benefits on your stays.  We run through the benefits of MeliaRewards Gold in this article.

Discounted MeliaRewards points on Amazon – book 4* London hotel for £70, 4* New York for £64!