DJ vs Rory: Who won more money in 2022?

If we’ve learnt one thing in 2022, it’s that the world of golf is obsessed with prize money. If we’ve learnt another, it’s that Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson have earned a bucketload of it.

But while Johnson’s mouth-watering paydays in the LIV Golf series have been heavily documented, less overt has been McIlroy’s winnings, besides the whopping $18 million he collected for claiming a record-breaking third FedEx Cup title.

So, with the sport having never been more divisive, and with Rory and DJ the faces of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf respectively, the next logical step is to compare just how much prize money each superstar made throughout 2022.

As always, our resident money man has crunched the figures – excluding signing on bonuses – and the results might come as quite the surprise…

Dustin Johnson

PGA Tour = $1,590,742

LIV Golf individual earnings = $10,575,267

LIV Golf team earnings = $7,062,500

LIV Golf bonus = $18,000,000

Total: $37,228,509 (18 events)

LIV majors

Rory McIlroy

PGA Tour = $8,552,566

DP World Tour = $2,119,847 (adjusted from euros)

FedEx Cup bonus = $18,000,000

Comcast Business Tour bonus = $1,700,000

Race to Dubai bonus = $2,000,000

PIP (projected 2nd place finish) = $12,000,000

Total: $44,372,413 (20 events)

Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson

Top of Europe. Top of America. Top of the world. And now the prize money king. It’s safe to say McIlroy had quite the 2022. But with LIV upping the ante next year with an even more lucrative schedule, it will be interesting to see if the Northern Irishman can hold onto his gold crown come the end of 2023.

Same time next year, folks.

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DJ vs Rory: Who won more money in 2022?