Don’t Wear This: Clothes Women HATE On Men

Don't Wear This: Clothes Women HATE Seeing On Men

Warning! Your personal style could be killing your love life.

It's a tough one, gents. After all, every man needs to feel comfortable in his own skin. But should that comfort come at the detriment of your love life?

It's all about striking a balance between comfort and stylish men's clothing. The fact is we share our lives with women. It's vital that we good for them and attract their attention whenever possible. For this reason, a wise man does well to heed the opinions of women.

So how do you dress to impress while also maintaining a level of personal comfort and individual style?

Guys – I've done the research for you. You're welcome.

Based on quotes from celebrities, online opinions and my own personal experience, I've put together a definitive list of style faux pas that women simple hate to see on men.

Let's get started.

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1. Women Hate Trousers That Are Too Tight

When asked what male style sin she hated the most, Lena Heady (Game of Thrones' Cersei Lannister) was quoted as saying:

‘Too tight trousers. No one needs to see a man-toe wrapped in wrinkled, sweaty fabric.' – Esquire Magazine

A gross image, right? If you think that sounds gross, imagine how women must feel.

I've talked a lot about trousers in the past, but let's do a quick rundown as to how they should fit around your legs.

As far as thighs go, you want to be able to pinch about 1 inch of fabric on either side of the thigh. You can afford to take about 1/2 inch while doing this, but any less means that it's way too tight.

By the same token, any more than one inch is too loose – time for the tailor to take a look.

They should have a slight taper to give a narrower look the closer they get to the ankle.

However, if you're a big guy, you may want to opt for a straight cut down to the hem. The reason is that if you rely on the taper, you'll emphasize the gut.

Proportional balance is key!

2. Most Women Hate Leather Trousers And Ugg Boots

Thankfully I haven't seen this style trend in the wild.

However, knowing it exists sends shivers down my spine. Gentlemen, please avoid this combo at all costs.

Honestly? I can't think of a single instance where this would look good.

It should go without saying that leather trousers & ugg boots are horrifying.


3. All Women Hate Socks And Flip Flops

I have to admit – this one is more common than the dreaded leather/ugg combo.

To be clear: that doesn't make it any better.

Gents, you need to make up your mind – are you cold, or are you hot? Socks are meant to be worn to protect your feet and keep them warm along with a pair of shoes. Sandals are designed to keep your feet open and cool around the house.

flip flop socks

It was tough to include this picture, but you need to see exactly what you should be avoiding.

I'm not surprised this is among the clothes women hate – it's never attractive. In fact, it looks douchy.

4. Women Dislike Too Much Cologne

There's a fine line between having a seductive smell and simply stinking up the place.

Now, I love fragrances. I've put out several videos and articles talking about the most popular men's colognes. However, nothing in excess is good.

You're going to want to apply no more than three squirts to some of the heat-producing areas on the body (wrists, behind the ears, neck).

Ideally, keep it behind the neck – that way the scent isn't assailing whoever is holding a conversation with you. However, once you go your separate ways, they'll catch enough of your scent to compel them to take a second look at you.

5. Never Wear Worn-Out Underwear

When's the last time you update your underwear? Are they faded?

Gentleman – this is not the way to go.

Imagine you're getting hot and heavy with a woman and her undergarments are worn-out, saggy, and filled with holes. You'd run the other way, right?

Guys – I'm sorry to break it to you but women feel the same way about your underwear.

This problem is easily fixed.

How? Simple. Every 6 months (or sooner) replace them.

The best company to use for your replacement is SHEATH. Whether you're working out and being active or on a hot date, SHEATH will help stop the sweat and keep you comfortable and fresh no matter where the day or night takes you.

6. Women Hate When You Wear Too Many Accessories

The right number of accessories can do a lot for a man's look.

The question is this: How much is TOO much?

Keep it simple – try to stick with about three accessories.

Let's put it this way: If you're wearing three necklaces, a watch, two bracelets on each wrist, and a ring then you might want to tone it down a bit.

7. Most Women Hate Baseball Caps

You could do worse than baseball caps.

They're appropriate for the most casual situations – especially if you're headed to the stadium to support your home team.

However, too many guys overdo it – and a lot of it has to do with hair loss.

Considering that 1 in 5 men deal with baldness, it's no surprise that the baseball cap – cheap and readily available – is overused.

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your hair. Otherwise, consider a more stylish hat option. A flat cap is an exceptional replacement as it can be used in the same contexts as a baseball cap.

You have options, you just need to find them.

8. Women Hate Faded Jeans That Fray

jeans mens summer style mistakes

Gents, get those jeans hemmed.

Just because they're meant to be casual doesn't mean that they should look as though they were pulled from a dumpster.

Care for them the same way you would every other tool in your closet.

9. Women Never Like Too Many Patterns

I don't agree whatsoever – a man can wear as many patterns as he pleases.

The challenge is in making them work. It's much easier than you think, actually – It's just a matter of keeping them different. No two similar patterns should be used beside each other. When it comes to patterns, variety is the spice of life.

Sure, you can use similar patterns, just make sure they are well apart from one another.

10. Women Hate Low-Hanging Jeans

When I say low-slung, I mean jeans that are low to the point your underwear is showing.

As far as style sins go, low-hanging jeans are a capital offense.

This is never a good look under any circumstances. If you are doing it, please consider transitioning toward a more appropriate fit in the trousers.

11. Sunglasses Indoors/At Night Make Women Hate You

Unless you're Jack Nicholson, the only thing you'll achieve by doing this is looking arrogant and stupid.


Sunglasses are meant to be worn… well… in the sun.


12. High-Waisted Red Trousers

Gents, do I even need to go into why this doesn't work?

I don't even know anyone that wears high-waisted red pants… and I'm glad.

Please, dump them.

13. Deep V-Necks

These shirts are useful as undershirts.

If you're the kind of guy who hates it when his undershirt shows through his unbuttoned collar, something like a deep V is perfectly acceptable.

In short, it gives the illusion that you aren't wearing anything beneath the dress shirt all the while keeping sweat and skin away from the expensive shirt material.

Deep V undershirt

There is no one on Earth who appreciates your man-cleavage.

However, it does not function well by itself.

Man-cleavage? Yeah, no one needs to see that.

14. Women Actually Hate Short Sleeves

how to look better tuck in shirt

Being slim myself, I prefer long sleeves. I like rolling them just under the elbow to give my arms that extra oomph.

Pro tip: You can do something similar with short sleeves too, though. Just roll them up once or twice, and it'll add emphasis to your upper arms and shoulders.

15. Running & Hiking Shoes As Everyday Wear

They have their place in your closet. They're practical for the gym and, well, hiking of course.

Suede loafer

A pair of suede loafers are great for hotter climates, but you can easily pair them with any casual outfit year-round.

For everyday wear, instead, consider investing in a pair of stylish sneakers or some suede boots. If you're feeling bold, go for some men's loafers. It's an easy way to dramatically upgrade your casual game.

16. Women Hate Dress Shoes With White Socks

Gentlemen … why would you do this? I simply don't get it.

This is an easily avoidable, but all-too-common mistake that men make. For some odd reason, a lot of men seem to think this combination looks good.

I'm here to tell you you're wrong. Plain and simple.

The must-follow rule is that dress shoes go with dress socks – no exceptions.

17. Crocs

Crocs are a sin… but damn, they're comfortable.

Believe it or not – I own a pair myself.

However, even I won't dare to wear them outside the house. They look tacky and, well, plain ugly.

What a man does in the privacy of his own home is his business – I'm not going to judge you for it. But the minute I see you out and about sporting a pair of crocs with a suit – that's when the judgments start. Trust me, there'll be a lot of them.

18. 98% of Women Hate Graphic Tees

We might think they're hilarious, but the ladies don't. Believe it or not, a solid t-shirt is more potent as casual wear than any design can be.

plain t shirt white

A plain and well-fitted t-shirt shows you care, even if it's the most casual tool in your closet.

A side note on this one. Women want a guy who's mature and acts like a man. Wearing a crude graphic t-shirt might get your friends laughing, but women are just gonna see it as a sign that you're more of a boy instead of the gentleman she deserves.

19. Stained Or Torn Clothes Make You Unattractive

You can do better. If it's old and looks that way, then throw it away. Tattered clothes have no place in a stylish man's closet.

You don't have to be super-rich to wear nice looking clothes. A good wash and a firm iron can do wonders for the aesthetic of cheap clothing. However, if it's torn and tattered just throw it out.

20. Women Hate Cargo Shorts

I've talked about this before. You'll be hard-pressed to find a lady who appreciates those things.

Have you ever seen stylish cargo shorts? Neither have I.

If you must wear shorts, then find some plain ones that forego the obnoxious pockets.

21. Women Hate Ill-Fitting Jeans

I've heard ladies say that Americans have a nasty habit of wearing oversized jeans, traveling abroad, and accusing other men who know what they're doing of playing for the other team.

This is incredibly immature and ignorant. First off, I'd like to apologize on behalf of my countrymen.

Secondly, allow me to offer some quick tips for well-fitting jeans for men…

  • They should stay put without a belt.
  • If you can perfectly denote the outline of your legs and butt, it's too tight.
  • If you can pinch anywhere between half an inch to an inch at any point along the leg, it's a good fit.

Summary – Clothes Women Hate On Men

  1. Trousers That Are Too Tight
  2. Leather Trousers And Ugg Boots
  3. Socks And Flip Flops
  4. Too Much Cologne
  5. Worn-Out Underwear
  6. Too Many Accessories
  7. Baseball Caps
  8. Jeans That Fray
  9. Too Many Patterns
  10. Low-Slung Jeans
  11. Wearing Sunglasses Indoors Or At Night
  12. High-Waisted Red Trousers
  13. Deep V-Necks
  14. Short Sleeves
  15. Running & Hiking Shoes
  16. Dress Shoes With White Socks
  17. Crocs
  18. Graphic Tees
  19. Tattered Clothes
  20. Stained Or Torn Clothes
  21. Cargo Shorts
  22. Wide-Legged Jeans

While much of this seems like common sense, many of these mishaps are all-too-common. Gentlemen, if you're looking to get started as a stylish man, you can start by avoiding these mistakes.

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Don’t Wear This: Clothes Women HATE On Men