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Recruiting and retention is incredibly important in any industry but especially in one with high turnover rates like trucking.

The American Trucking Associations reported that large fleets averaged an 89% driver turnover rate in March 2021. That number has since grown and is now in the 90% range.

DriverReach sees the importance of recruiting and retaining drivers to combat high turnover rates and specializes in technology that assists trucking companies with both.

DriverReach, a modern recruitment and retention platform, helps trucking companies streamline and automate tasks like paperwork, applications and driver job listings. This technology is specifically designed for those who specialize in recruiting, safety and operations. The company prides itself on providing a way for recruiters to focus on building relationships with drivers and helping them move through the hiring process easily and efficiently.

“Trucking is traditionally behind other more innovative and progressive industries, especially in the area of HR [human resources] and recruiting technology,” said Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach. “Because of the lack of options, I wanted to build a more intuitive and modern solution to recruiting and retaining. We also believe that customers deserve proper data privacy and security. We don’t sell access to their valuable driver data.”

For the past couple of years, more workers have worked remotely, turning to social media platforms for promoting, recruiting, sharing and building connections. Reymer said he has always prioritized industry advocacy through any and all means, stressing how useful it can be to growing businesses, recruiting employees and being successful.

“Instead of coming into conversations with an agenda to sell, I want to be seen as a thought leader,” Reymer said. “I would rather provide people with useful takeaways that could lead to doing business together in the future.”

With 20 years of experience as an industry leader, Reymer said he believes courage, integrity, self-awareness, empathy, vision and influence are among the greatest core values of any manager in any organization — but especially those that exist within trucking.

“Among these traits, you want to dedicate yourself to building trust with others in the industry, including your team,” Reymer said. “There is no better or faster time to build trust than during a crisis. When you focus on taking care of others — whether [it’s] your team or your customers — rather than focusing on the bottom line all the time, you’ll find more long-term success.”

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DriverReach aids trucking companies with critical tasks — Taking the Hire Road