Dune Tarot Spread or Oracle Spread

It has been such an intense week gorgeous souls!

Between Eclipse Season, that Full Moon in Scorpio, phew! I’m wiped!

Since the beginning of this year (2022) I’ve been trying to dedicate myself to weekly blogging. The last few years I’ve been a not-very-hot blogging mess, leaving months between blog posts, blogging about all sorts of randomness. I think I blogged like three times one year.

And so my plan was to get really focused and create good quality content on here at least weekly moving forward.

But you know what, after that week, the best I can do is this Dune themed tarot (or oracle!) spread!

I am so late to the Dune party.

And just as a heads up here, I’m talking about the old Dune. The Dune 1984 movie.

Yep. I only just watched it a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to watch the new one but thought I’d check out the vintage Dune first.

And so wow, what a movie, huh? Well, what a book originally. I haven’t read it, I’ve heard the book is where it’s at though.

So many metaphysical and spiritual concepts. All this talk of destiny and magic spice and saving the galaxy. I’m here for it.

And whether you’ve seen it or not, whatever. Just grab a deck of cards - tarot, oracle, angel, whatever you have, and let’s dig for spice!

*Hot tip - if you don’t have a deck, no worries. You can always use any of my spreads as journaling prompts!

1. What is your destiny?

Maybe your destiny is as grand as saving humanity. Hopefully it’s something that doesn’t involve Sting trying to kill you.

2. What is your magic spice?

Your magic spice is your secret superpower, the thing everyone loves about you, the thing your enemies want and can’t have! Mwahahaha!

3. What must you destroy to bring peace?

Hopefully you don’t have to destroy your own magic spice, but perhaps there is something that needs to go, a sacrifice, an offering, something that can no longer be carried in order for you to fulfil your destiny. This card will let you know what that is, and hopefully how to let it go. (Feel free to pull an extra card if you need more info!)

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With love, light and spice dust,



Dune Tarot Spread or Oracle Spread