Graphics display SoC mirrors laptop or Android screens without downloading a driver

SM768 graphics display SoCSilicon Motion Technology Corporation announced the launch of the SM768 graphics display SoC with InstantView Driverless Docking Technology, a newly patented ground-breaking technology that lets users mirror the screen of any laptop or Android phone to display presentations without downloading a driver.

Silicon Motion developed InstantView to provide an ease-of-use solution that simplifies the process of mirroring a PC or handset screen on a large presentation display using USB ports.  With the newly introduced SM768 with InstantView, users no longer need to download additional drivers to mirror their screens, alleviating the frustrating and often confusing limitations corporate IT departments place on downloading and loading non-compliant software. InstantView also brings the benefit of improving productivity for people working or studying from home. And the supported dual-display capability makes group video conference more intuitive and efficient.

InstantView is fast, versatile and easy to use.  InstantView works with any laptop USB port (USB-C/A) or Android phone USB-C/micro/mini port to dock and mirror their screen for display. When a device is docked, the InstantView app pops up automatically, and users can start (and stop) mirroring from their device with a single click.  The app works with standard or guest users without requiring administrator rights.  It also supports regular docking mode with driver and extended displays.

SM768 Product features include:

  • Supports dual displays, up to 4K Ultra High Definition
  • Support any laptop and Android device with any USB port
  • Content Adaptive Technology (CAT) hardware codec for high-efficiency display, reducing CPU loading by up to 70%
  • Smooth 4K video playback and low latency
  • Low power Display SoC
  • On-chip DRAM options for small form factor designs and reduced system BOM cost

In addition to the consumers and workplace, SM768 with InstantView technology is an optimal solution for educators and hospitality workers.  In today’s modern classroom, teachers need to display their laptops on their screen constantly.  Additionally, students often need to display their work during presentations to their peers.  With InstantView, teachers and students can display instantly, without the need for a specific type of computer or driver installation on any laptop – making the presentation process smoother.  Hotel owners recognize travelers are requiring more advanced in-room smart TV and tablet technology as travelers want to display their laptop screen on a TV or larger monitor, but all too often this is a technical challenge. InstantView driverless docking technology allows users to display from any laptop, without tedious driver installation for on- the-go displaying.


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Graphics display SoC mirrors laptop or Android screens without downloading a driver