What I Love and Dislike about Disney – An Honest Experience

I just want to say that you all know I am a big WDW (Walt Disney World) fan but – guess what there ARE things that I am disliking at WDW right now.  I’ll end with my LOVES – it is February after all.

My number one dislike is people at WDW forget that there are other people at the parks – they are the only ones that should enjoy the magic.  We had an incident at Flight of Passage where one whole family “joined”  – 8 people – their family in line.  I understand if you have a small child with you and you are in line and they have to go.  While I understand, when my children were little I asked them before they got in line whether they had to go and went before we got in line then we all went together in line as a family.    This family in front of us – DID NOT have a small child.  It was truly rude.   Also, many times watching the fireworks, people put their children on their shoulders so others can’t see behind them.  I really wish everyone could sit.  I totally understand wanting to get the most for your money – I spend A LOT of money there but can we please KIND TO ONE ANOTHER (quoting @grumpy6767 from WDWMainStreet Podcast)

I also dislike that WDW doesn’t have as many Cast Members (CMs) as they used to clean the parks.  I wish I had taken a picture of the New Toy Story trashcans from our trip in December – many trashcans were overflowing.  The bathrooms both female and male were disgustingly dirty.  I admittedly have a bathroom issue –  if its not clean I won’t use it.  One of the things I used to love  about WDW was its clean bathrooms.  Even Tommy complained about the bathrooms this trip.   The bathrooms used to have an attendant at EVERY bathroom in WDW – no longer.  I noticed that the fancy bathrooms – California Grill – had one but not at the Theme Parks.   I hardly saw a CM in the bathrooms and just cleaning in the Theme Parks.  There are just not enough CMs to meet the increased crowds – WDW are you listening??????

What I also dislike is the decrease of Extra Magic Hours (EMH).  EMH used to be a benefit to those who stayed on property.  You can enter the parks an hour earlier than park opening and stay up to two hours after park closing.  We used EMH a lot to ride a lot of rides without it being too busy both morning and nights – it worked for our family.   Now to enjoy the park prior to opening and after closing, you pay an additional $100 (approximately) on top of your park ticket of about $100 a day.   It has made me rethink our Disney Vacation Club (Disney Vacation Club – Disney’s version of timeshare) on occasion because really what is the benefit of staying on property?   Now they still have EMH but these opportunities are greatly reduced due to Early Morning Magic and After Hours  Events, Increased Parties that you must buy.  You used to get these things for free.    Now I will say that there are Annual Pass and DVC events that they have added to reward us members but they haven’t been at times that I can enjoy.

Now lets talk about why I still love WDW.   I love the beauty and the detail of the resorts.  They are some the most amazing places to stay.  We went in December – Look at the Animal Kingdom Lodge decorated for Christmas?!!!!  Look at my Kidani savannah room view!! The Grand Floridian with Mizners and all the places to eat!!!!  These are only two  of the beautiful resorts.  The Boardwalk view – amazing!!!!


The Grand Floridian


The Grand Floridian Gingerbread House


Jambo House – Animal Kingdom. – Kidani Savannah View


The Boardwalk

I love the variety of food offered at WDW.  We have had sooooo many great meals.  Many people think that WDW only has burgers and hot dogs.  I actually learned to like sushi at California Grill – just saying.  Where in the world can you eat eggs Benedict, mickey waffles and mimosas for breakfast(the Wave), tuna nachos, salmon for lunch (Yak and Yeti – my new fave tuna nachos!!) and eat at at a 5 star restaurant for dinner (Victoria and Alberts – which is on our bucket list).

Yak and Yeti Tuna Nachos


California Grill Sushi and salad (just some of the yummy meals we had)


I love the fun we have at Disney as a family and as a couple.  Is it magic???  Yes it is.  Somehow its the one place not that everything is always perfect but we ALWAYS have fun.

The other thing I love about Disney is the awesome people I have met online and at Disney that also have a  Disney Addiction – they have become family.  (And those of you not pictured- its probably I don’t have a picture of you – not that I don’t love you)

These three reasons alone will keep me going to WDW for many more trips.

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What I Love and Dislike about Disney – An Honest Experience