Service Pipeline, Retired Services


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Service Pipeline    

§  Is a structured document or a database which contains IT services that are under consideration or development for a market space but NOT yet available to customers

§  Provides a business view of upcoming IT services

§  Is part of the service portfolio, which is not yet published to customers

§  Services are moved into operation by Service Transition after completion of Design, Development and Testing

§  Represents the service provider’s general health, growth and strategic outlook for the future

§  Reflects the extent to which new service concepts & improvement ideas being fed by Service Strategy, Service Design and Continual Improvement.

To ensure adequate funding for the services in the Pipeline, very good financial management is required.

Retired Services

Few services in the Service Catalogue will be phased out or retired due to various reasons. These are termed as Retired services. This is done to ensure that all customer commitments are duly fulfilled, and service assets are released from contracts. When services are phased out, all the related knowledge and information will be stored in a knowledge base for future use. Phasing out of services is part of Service Transition. Phased-out services won’t be available to new customers or contracts unless a special business case requirement is in place. Such services may be reactivated or brought back into operation only under special requirements. Also reactivating services requires approval from Top management because these services may cost a lot more to reactivate & operate and may disrupt economies of scale and scope.

Service Pipeline, Retired Services