1960s NFL All-Decade Team Critique

By John Turney

Like the 1950s All-Decade Team, the Official Hall of Fame 1960s NFL All-Decade Team had a unique makeup:
Again, like the 1950s it had three quarterbacks, not distinguishing who (if any) were the First- and Secon-teams. It had two fullbacks and four halfbacks. We suspect there may have been some ties in the voting that account for the oddities but the votes have never been made available so that is just speculation. There are five linebackers three of them are middle linebackers, but three ends, tackles, corners and safeties. Again, Zim would say, "They don't line up that way fellas". 

So, we've taken resources available and made some selections on our own. Feel free to criticize. We chose five years of service as the minimum to qualify for the All-Decade team so Nobis is out right away. 
No one had a full decade of dominance at outside receivers, Del Shofner started out that way but faded due to injuries. Bob Hayes gets credit for "changing the game" by how zone defenses reacted to him but it was Shofner who first consistently drew zone coverage to the weak (1 receiver) side, and it continued with Hayes. Shofner was our Second-team split end behind Raymond Berry on the 1955-65 All-Decade Team

Mackey was on the official team (and the Combined AFL-NFL 1960s All-Decade Team which should be the official 1960s All-Decade Team in our view.) Here is a look at that team:
However, Mike Ditka was shut out. We put him on the Second-team here.

Outside linebacker was difficult on the final slot. We went with Joe Fortunato over Dave Wilcox (who came into his own on the 1965-75 Second-team), Matt Hazeltine, Wayne Walker, Jack Pardee, and Lee Roy Caffey

The official team got the kicker right, but we feel that Tommy Davis and Bobby Joe Green were better punters than Chandler, but Chandler could kick well. Davis could kick, but punting was his forte. We reserve the right to change this as we do more research into the punting of the 1960s. We have partial data now and if it holds, we may bump Green ahead of Davis.

Agree or disagree? Let us know.

1960s NFL All-Decade Team Critique