Weekly Homeschool Roundup - 5/2/20

We hit a milestone this week.

My oldest completed her freshman year of college, and my youngest completed his freshman year of high school. I will document properly with pictures next week - but this week we focused on finishing strong and having a few little celebrations.

I will keep beating this drum: I am thankful for the layer of “normal” homeschool has provided us since we started this time of isolation and quarantine. It seemed fairly simple to make the necessary adjustments to our school year and finish strong.

This is an exciting time for homeschooling, but I am cautiously optimistic. While many parents are seeing the benefits of homeschool, I think others have gotten a false notion of what homeschooling truly is.

We are seeing many new opportunities arise for online education opportunities. Curricula are popping up overnight. “Experts” are coming out of the woodwork.

My advice (for what is worth) is this: Keep doing what works for your child. Less is more. Tune out the “noise” and the new and shiny, and listen to your child.

Weekly Homeschool Roundup for 5/2/20 at Homegrown Learners

If you are new to home education, I hope you’ve explored the “Encouragement” section on the blog. If you are a veteran, let’s just keep on keeping on, ok?

Aren’t you thankful for the gift of home education? I sure am!

The five good things this week include encouragement, a little homeschool activism, a yummy math activity, and some Star Wars fun! Enjoy, and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  • Being Grace-Filled Means Intentionality, Not Passivity

    This beautiful article from Sally Clarkson is just so wise. At each stage of my parenting journey, Sally’s words have always spoken to me.

  • Say NO to Harvard - Keep Homeschool Freedom for Kids

    A rebuttal to that now-famous Harvard article from a couple of weeks ago. HSLDA gives us some things we can do right now to help defend homeschooling!

  • Distance Learning Isn’t Working

    “As a homeschool mother, I set my own curriculum and my own schedule. We have the flexibility to plan our schedule around baby and toddler naps, my work schedule, and the activities my children once did. My kids’ education is my responsibility, and it is designed to fit our family’s individual needs.

    The situation into which almost every parent in America has now suddenly and unwillingly been thrust could not be more different. One-size-fits-all education barely works in a classroom, but it is completely unmanageable with kids spread out across their various households working independently.”

    This article is definitely worth a read. It’s important to keep ourselves informed about what is going on with the general state of education right now. So much is changing.

Gummy Bear Math Printables
  • Gummy Bear Math

    I need some little ones to homeschool - so send them my way, ok? This is SO super cute - and free! I always found that using manipulatives (especially edible ones) made math concepts STICK.

  • May the 4th Be With You

    It’s not too late to join us in SQUILT LIVE! for our month of music from the movies. Our lesson Monday, May 4th and Thursday, May 7th is all about the movie scores of John Williams. Other activities of the month include a daily listening calendar, another set of live lessons about Hans Zimmer, and MORE!

    (Everything is recorded if you cannot attend live.)

    And, when you join SQUILT LIVE! you receive access to our ENTIRE archives of lessons - that’s over 60 recorded lessons and packets.

Celebrate music from the movies in #squiltlive !

Let me know how your week was!

Are you on the home stretch with your school year?

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Weekly Homeschool Roundup - 5/2/20