Entertainment Updates: Sword Dynasty, A Chinese Ghost Story, The Best Partner, The Great Ruler, We Are All Alone, My Roommate is a Detective, Your Home is My Business, Love and Destiny, Jiang Chao proposes to Madina Mamet, etc…

This post if PACKED with updates, which is why I decided to post it earlier than planned. Have fun looking through this!!!

Sword Dynasty releases trailer and stills of its cast. Main leads are Li Yi Tong and Li Xian. Supporting cast is Liu Yi Jun, Yao Di, and Peter Ho. The drama takes place in the wuxia world. The male lead is a young man with a mysterious background who wants to get rid of the corruption and the female lead is a woman who seeks revenge.

New modern drama Young and Beautiful (我的漂亮朋友). Cast is Zhang Tian Ai, Xu Kai Cheng, Gao Zhi Ting, and Li Mu Chen. The dramas is about the life of a woman who moves from a rural town to the bustling city.

New drama Invisible (这就是生活). Leads are Hawick Lau and Chen Du Ling. The drama will tell about the ups and downs of juggling between one’s career and family.

New drama A Chinese Ghost Story (倩女幽魂) has Zheng Shuang and Hou Ming Hao as the leads. The drama is a remake of the classic Hong Kong movie of the same name produced by Tsui Hark and starred Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong. The drama is based off one of China’s classic historical tale from Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (Liao Zhai Zhi Yi). The story is about the romance between a young scholar (Ning Cai Chen) and a female ghost (Nie Xiao Qian) who he meets when he rests at an abandoned temple.

New drama The Way of Favours (如意芳霏 ) has confirmed Ju Jing Yi has the female lead. Male lead hasn’t been announced yet.

New modern drama The Best Partner (精英律师). Casting is Jin Dong, Lan Ying Ying, Sun Chun, Tian Yu, Zhu Zhu, and Dai Xu.

New xianxia drama 凡人修仙传 reunites Song Yi Ren and Dylan Kuo. The two worked together in the Ever Night series. The drama doesn’t have an English title yet.

New youth drama The Best of You in My Mind (全世界最好的你) casts Song Yi Ren and Zhang Yao as leads. The drama will be about the romance between two childhood friends.

New historical drama The Great Ruler confirms Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana as its leads. The drama is based off a novel and is written by the same author of Martial Universe and Battle Through the Heaven.

New modern drama We Are All Alone casts Qin Lan, Godfrey Gao, and Wang Zi Yi, and David Wang.

Stills for drama The Chang An Youth. Starring Wang Yu Wen and Caesar Wu.

Stills of the set for drama The Killing of Three Thousand Crows. Starring Zheng Ye Cheng and Zhao Lu Si.

Stills for drama My Roommate is a Detective. Starring Xiao Yan, Hu Yi Tian, and Zhang Yun Long.

Character posters for drama Your Home is My Business. Starring Sun Li, Luo Jin, and Allina Zhang Meng.

First stills for drama Spirit Realm. Starring Fan Cheng Cheng and Cheng Xiao.

Stills for drama It’s Not That I Can’t Get Married. Starring Pan Yue Ming, Tong Yao, Chen Shu, and Yuan Wen Kang.

Stills for drama Hello Joan 2. Starring Ying Er, Joe Cheng, and He Du Juan.

Stills for drama Bureau of Transformer. Starring Chen He and Wang Zi Wen.

Poster for drama version of LORD. Starring Joe Cheng, Maggie Huang, Zhang Ming En, and Ji Chen.

Poster for drama Past Life and Life. Starring Chen Yu Qi and Yu Meng Long.

Poster for drama Handsome Siblings. Starring Hu Yi Tian, Chen Zhe Yuan, Liang Jie, and Liang Jing Xian.

Poster for drama Mr. Fighting. Starring Sandra Ma, Deng Lun, Han Tong Sheng, and Ni Hong Jie.

Poster for drama Winter Begonia. Starring Huang Xiao Ming, Yin Zheng, Charmaine Sheh, and Mi Re.

Stills of film Better Days. Starring Zhou Dong Yu and Yi Yang Qian Xi.

Stills of film My Best Summer. Starring Chen Fei Yu and Li Lan Di. Set to air in June.

Stills and trailer for drama Go Go Squid. Starring Li Xian and Yang Zi.

Stills and trailer for xianxia drama Love and Destiny. Starring Chang Chen, Ni Ni, Li Dong Xue, Zhang Zhi Xi, Li Jia Ming, Hai Ling, Liu Qian Han, Zhang Hai Yu, Na Guang Zi, and Yuan Hao.

Stills and trailer for republican drama Sniper. Starring Huang Xuan, Chen He, Yang Cai Yu, and Li Xi Rui.

Poster and trailer for drama Another Me. Starring Chen Du Ling, Shen Yue, and Dylan Xiong.

Trailer for web drama Tientsin Mystic 2. Starring Jin Shi Jia, Wang Zi Xuan, Zhang Ming En, and Chen Yu Mi.

Trailer for drama The Files of Teenagers in the Concession. Starring Huang Zi Tao, Zhang Xue Ying, Liu Yu Ning, Cao Xi Yue, Wang Jin Song, and Zhang Fan.

Trailer for drama God of Lost Fantasy. Starring Sheng Yi Lun, Wang Zi Wen, and Jacky Heung.

Trailer for drama Over the Seal Come to You. Starring Sun Hong Lei and Joseph Zeng who play a father-son duo.

Trailer for Poetry of the Song Dynasty. Starring Vic Zhou and Liu Tao.

Trailer for drama Growing Pain. Starring Zhang Jia Yi, Yan Ni, and Zhao Jin Mai.

Trailer for drama Masked. Starring Zheng Shuang and Tong Da Wei.

Trailer for film Waiting for You in the Future. Starring Li Guang Jie, Fei Qi Ming, Sun Qian, Xin Yun Lai, and Zhang Zhi Lu. The story is about the university professor who travels back into past to meet his 17yr old self.

Trailer and stills for drama Ping Pong Life. Starring Bai Jing Ting and Timmy Xu. Bai Jing Ting has already finished filming.

Haunted House Handbook finishes filming and releases first trailer and stills. Starring Hou Ming Hao, Zhu Xu Dan, and Liu Dong Qing.

A Little Thing Called First Love finishes filming and shares first stills of its cast. The drama is a remake of a movie from Thailand called Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The cast for the C-drama is Lai Kuan Lin, Zhao Jin Mai,Chai Wei,  and a guest appearance from Xu Hai Qiao.

Hello Prosecutor finishes filming. Starring Sun Yi and Zhang Hao Wei.

Celebrity News:

Jiang Chao proposes to girlfriend Madina Mamet. News broke out that she was pregnant a while ago, and now the two are tying the knot. Congrats to the couple!

Model Xi Meng Yao gets proposed to by her boyfriend Mario Ho, son of tycoon Stanley Ho. Congrats to them!!!

Bravo Stars, the agency that signed on Li Yi Feng earlier this year, also signs on Qin Hai Lu and Liao Feng.


Entertainment Updates: Sword Dynasty, A Chinese Ghost Story, The Best Partner, The Great Ruler, We Are All Alone, My Roommate is a Detective, Your Home is My Business, Love and Destiny, Jiang Chao proposes to Madina Mamet, etc…