Entertainment Updates: Wu Xin 3, There Was Once a Spirit Mountain,The Golden Eyes, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2019, Vanness Wu’s Divorce, Xu Lu and Zheng Ming En Dating Rumors, etc….

Entertainment News:

Wu Xin: Monster Killer Season 3 started filming. The story will take place in the Tang Dynasty. Elvis Han Dong Jun and Sebrina Chen Yao are confirmed to be in the drama.

Johnny Huang Jing Yu and Claudia Wang Li Kun are the leads of upcoming drama Meet you. Filming for the drama started about a month ago. The drama is about a romance between a rich man and a female bodyguard.

Zhou Xun’s name is attached to film remake of The Deer and the Cauldron (novel by Jin Yong).

Yu Zheng’s new drama (aka sister drama to Story of Yan Xi) begins and Xu Kai (bottom right) is spotted at the script reading.

Tang Yan and Shawn Dou Xiao’s names are attached to new drama, Legend of Xiao Chuo. The drama is based on a novel by the same author of Legend of Mi Yue. The story is about a queen from the Liao Dynasty.

Stills and BTS video of There Was Once a Spirit Sword Mountain starring Xu Kai and Zhang Rong Rong. The drama is based on a fantasy novel by Guo Wang Bi Xia. It is about a young man who becomes a disciple of the Spirit Sword Sect. His master is a woman who appears young and youthful, but is really hundreds of years ago. Their relationship initially starts out rocky, but soon blossoms into love. Zhu Yuan Bing, Gao Yu Er, and Guo Xiao Ting also costar as supporting characters.

New stills for Miss Truth. The drama is based on the novel The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor by Xiu Tang. The story is about a female doctor transmigrating into the past and helps solves crimes and murders through her expertise in forensic science. It stars Zhou Jie Qiong (from kpop group IOI), Li Cheng Bin, and Pei Zi Tian.

First stills for medical rescue drama Air Rescue. It stars Ryan Zheng He, Wang Jia Yu, Wei Zhe Ming, and Liu Xin. The drama finished filming earlier this month.

First poster for Double World. The film is directed by Teddy Chan and stars Henry Lau, Peter Ho, Him Law, and Zhang Lu Xia. The film is expected to be out in the summer.

The Golden Eyes starring Lay Zhang Yi Xing and Wang Zi Xuan will premiere February 26th.

New trailer for Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2019 starring Joseph Zeng Shun Xi, Yukee Chen Yu Qi, and Bambi Zhu Xu Dan. Drama will air on February 27th.

MV with theme song for Darren Wang and Jelly Lin’s movie, Fall in Love at First Kiss (remake of It Started with a Kiss). The movie premiered on Valentine’s Day, 2/14.

Haha Farmer is a new variety show set to air in March. Members on the show include Roy Wang Yuan, Jia Nai Liang, Jin Han, Yang Chao Yue. It will depict the members learning to live in the countryside.

Jaywalk Studio signs on now talents. Huang Yang Tian Tian (11yrs), Qu Zhi Han (14yrs), Zhang Ming Can (6yrs).

New character posters for Queen Dugu. Premiered 2/11/2019.

New character posters for Goodbye My Princess. Premiered 2/14/2019

Celebrity News:

Xu Lu and Zhang Ming En are embroiled in dating rumors. They were caught holding hands in public. The two are the leads of upcoming drama The Life Planner.

Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo confirm divorce. The two got married in 2013. During their marriage, there were always reports on how rocky their relationship. According to recent reports, Vanness Wu tried to divorce Arissa Cheo a few times, but she refused. Not sure what exactly happened to make the couple decide to finally separate, but hopefully things will be much easier for them now.

Wen Qi tried to terminate her contract with her agency. The 18 year old actress and her parents stated that the company did not fully provide her with appropriate management and even withheld some of her pay from her. The agency in turn responds that her actions is a breach of the contract. Wen Qi and her parents are currently seeking legal actions to end her contract.

Yang Yang and Qiao Xin face dating rumors. Fans speculate the two spent time together in London during Valentine’s Day. Yang Yang confirmed being in London via social media, but Qiao Xin hasn’t spoken up about where she was it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it’s likely false news.

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan welcome a baby boy!

Lu Han and Guan Xiao Tong spotted vacationing in Seoul, South Korea for Valentine’s Day.

Entertainment Updates: Wu Xin 3, There Was Once a Spirit Mountain,The Golden Eyes, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2019, Vanness Wu’s Divorce, Xu Lu and Zheng Ming En Dating Rumors, etc….