EPF i-Sinar applications are now open, here’s how to apply

If you need extra cash, the i-Sinar program by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is now open for application. This is a withdrawal facility where members can withdraw up to RM60,000 from Account 1.

For now, they are only accepting applications for members under Category 1 which do not require additional supporting documents. For members under Category 2, applications will only begin from 11th January 2021.

Who can apply?

As announced by EPF earlier, the i-Sinar program is targeted at workers that have lost their jobs or have suffered a salary reduction of at least 30%. Under Category 1, EPF members must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Members who have not contributed to EPF for at least two consecutive months; OR
  • Members who are still working but suffer a reduction of their base salary by 30% and above from March 2020 onwards.

The approval will be done automatically based on EPF’s internal data. For those who can only prove their reduction of salary with additional supporting documents, you’ll have to wait until 11th January for the Category 2 submission. For those who didn’t suffer a 30% pay cut but interested in making a withdrawal from Account 1 are still encouraged to apply under Category 2.

How much can you withdraw?

For members with Account 1 savings balance of RM100,000 or less, you can only withdraw up to a maximum of RM10,000 and it will be staggered across 6 months. Once approved, you can receive up to RM5,000 for the first payout and it will be credited the following month after submission and approval.

If you have more than RM100,000 in Account 1, you may take out 10% of the current balance with a maximum cap of RM60,000. The first payout is up to RM10,000 and the remaining balance will be staggered across the next 5 months. If your application is submitted and approved in December, you will receive the first payout in January 2021.

Where to apply?

EPF members can only submit their i-Sinar applications online via the official portal at https://isinar.kwsp.gov.my. You can’t apply over-the-counter and do beware of any third-party apps that claim to offer i-Sinar submissions. Beware of potential scammers that claim to offer assistance for i-Sinar applications.

Step by step guide

  1. Visit the official iSinar portal at https://isinar.kwsp.gov.my.
  2. Enter your IC and mobile number.
  3. Hit continue.
  4. An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone for verification or answer a security question.
  5. Use the slider to set your preferred withdrawal amount from Account 1.
  6. On the next slider, set your preferred first payout amount. The payout for the subsequent months will be adjusted accordingly.
  7. Enter your personal details
  8. Enter your bank account details for the payout (Bank account must be active).
  9. Check and confirm your i-Sinar application.

Once you hit submit, you’ll receive a confirmation that your application has been received. If you apply today, the portal will ask you to check back on the status from the 4th of January 2021.

Need help? Call the i-Sinar hotline.

If you need further assistance, you can call the i-Sinar hotline at 03-8922 4848. The lines are open from 8am to 8pm, from Monday to Friday except on Selangor and Federal public holidays.

For members who don’t have an i-Akaun, you can activate it at your nearest EPF branch or Kiosk using your mobile phone number. For further reading, you can check out the official FAQ.

Our sister site SoyaCincau BM has also published an i-Sinar guide in Bahasa Melayu.

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EPF i-Sinar applications are now open, here’s how to apply