31-Day Copyright Challenge 2020

Happy 2020! On 1 January 2020 we began the first day of our 31-day copyright challenge.

About the Copyright Challenge

During the month of January, you’ll see a new or updated article every day on Copyrightlaws.com as part of our copyright challenge. We started with the basics with our article Copyright 101. It’s a primer on intellectual property and specifically focuses on copyright law.

See the list below for articles that are part of the 31-day copyright challenge. We’ll update it periodically as we progress through the month.

Articles in the 31-Day Copyright Challenge

Whether you want to learn more about copyright and licensing for your personal projects, enhance your work knowledge and skills, or gain confidence to answer copyright questions, our daily article will provide you with copyright and licensing tips and practical information.

Join in our 31-day copyright challenge by reading them all!

  1. Copyright 101. This article is a primer on intellectual property and specifically focusses on copyright law.
  2. 10 Strategies for Institutional Copyright Compliance Pushback. Winning tips on how to make copyright compliance a priority in your organization in 2020.
  3. 10 Essential Copyright Compliance Tips Every Information Professional Must Know. These simple tips (and slides) will help you keep your copyright infringement risks to a minimum.
  4. Excuses for Not Getting Copyright Permission. This article has nine excuses/myths for not obtaining copyright permission. Have you heard all of them?
  5. What Is the Public Domain? Are Creative Commons works in the public domain? What about government works? This primer explains what public domain means and how you can identify what’s in the public domain.
  6. 6 Best Practices for Legally Using Google Images. This article provides essential tips for following copyright rules when using Google images. You can also download a Copyright Tip Sheet for Using Google Images.
  7. The International Copyright Symbol. Gain a greater understanding of the purpose and benefits of using the copyright symbol, and learn how to use it too.
  8. U.S. Versus Canadian Copyright Law: Which has Stronger Copyright Protection? You’ll have to decide your answer to this question after reading about similarities and differences in the U.S. and Canadian copyright laws.
  9. WIPO World Intellectual Property Day: How to Celebrate World IP Day. World IP Day is celebrated each year on 26 April. Read all about the theme and activities you can engage in to promote the 2020 theme, Innovate for a Green Future.
  10. Moral Rights in U.S. Copyright Law. Learn which moral rights exist in the U.S., and when you should attribute an author and more.
  11. How to Protect Photos You Post Online. If you or your organization are posting images online, learn how to copyright protect them around the world.
  12. Introduction to International Copyright Law. Many copyright issues that appear to be national copyright issues are in fact international copyright issues. Understanding your own country’s copyright laws is most important, but understanding how copyright treaties and international copyright law works is also essential when publishing content or using content online.

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31-Day Copyright Challenge 2020