ESG Has Found Its Oasis: Long-Time, Fully-Trusted Local PEO Joins Oasis, a Paychex Company

Many members of the Oasis executive team have worked together for a decade or more. The kind company culture and progressive industry keep these experts working together and working hard for their 350+ clients.

More than 350 companies (including BusinessQ’s parent company) have turned to ESG (Employer Solutions Group) for more than two decades to simplify and enhance HR functions. ESG originally built its client base in the construction industry. But as the company became the state’s leading PEO, they expanded to many industries and have become a major influencer in the state of Utah.

All of the reasons clients have flocked to ESG are staying in tact — personalized service, local reps, turnkey solutions.

But there are two major changes.

First, a new name. ESG is now Oasis, a Paychex company.

Second, increased tools, employee benefits, and resources as part of being in the nationwide network of Oasis.

Translation? A total win for both Oasis and its current and future clients.

Change Is In the Heir

The best time to sell a company is when it’s not needed. ESG was in the envious position of not needing to sell, which gave the leadership team time and latitude to find the right partner. Nearly three and a half years ago, ESG linked arms with Oasis but maintained their brand as ESG. In 2020, the long-time, fully trusted PEO will be known exclusively as Oasis, a Paychex company.

“We chose to partner with Oasis because they were the most respectful to our existing team, employees, and clients,” says Daryl Sisk, general manager of Oasis.

In early 2019, Paychex purchased Oasis primarily because of the PEO services.

“Paychex bought Oasis to combine the power of Paychex with the human resource expertise of Oasis,” Sisk says.

At Oasis, the Culture Club is comprised of team members dedicated to celebrating personal and company milestones, as well as planning fun activities for the entire staff at least monthly. The Culture Club is comprised of non-executive members of the company. Recent activities include Minute-To-Win-It games, as well as family barbecues and birthday celebrations.

A Game of Numbers

“This business is all about volume, resources and what tools we bring to clients,” Sisk says. “Before ESG was acquired, we were always bumping up against that. It’s hard to have the volume to play with the big boys nationally. But now with Oasis, we have access to programs and discounts we share with clients.”

For more than two decades, this Provo-based company has offered local solutions with local representation, and now they’ve also focusing on technology as a pathway to progress and serviceability in the HR space. Oasis offers a single sign-on solution that takes clients from onboarding to retirement, with turnkey solutions for insurance, information, taxes and benefits.

“We’ve always been excellent at the human side of business — we’ve put the ‘human’ in ‘human resources,’” says Sharron Ngatikaura, human resources director. “We will always maintain the personal side we’re known for, and the integrated technology enhances who we are. The combination of high-touch and high-tech allows us to shine.”

Lots Of Eyes In T-E-A-M

Randy Howard, controller, has been with the company for 13 years. Benefits manager Mary Twohill has been on the team for 15 years. Mary Wootton (who started the same day as the “other” Mary) has been in the insurance industry for a total of 20 years. Regina Diaz, the workers compensation claims manager, has been at ESG/Oasis for 14 years. Ngatikaura has been with the company for nearly 13 years. Keri Nuetzhorn, payroll manager, refers to herself as “the baby of the team” even though she’s been with the Provo-based company for five years.

“We’ve evolved and grown as a team through the years,” Diaz says. “We’re strong together.”

Sisk believes the length of tenure at Oasis creates cohesiveness both for the employees and also for clients.

“It’s a big deal to have expertise and experience on our management team,” Sisk says. “It speaks well to the company culture, leadership and progressiveness of our team.”

Daryl Sisk is the general manager at Oasis, formerly known as ESG. Sisk has more than 20 years of experience in the PEO and HR industries and has an extensive background in sales, networking and leadership.

Humans in Human Resources

The reason Oasis has kept a growing client base happy for more than two decades is that the team loves what they do — and it shows and grows.

“I love helping people with insurance and finding solutions,” Wooten says. “We jump in as a team and figure out the best arrangement for each client.”

Diaz commutes from Salt Lake County because she loves the team environment.

“When a client brings a new question, we all bring our expertise to get the client up and running,” she says.

Ngatikaura loves the diversity of the client base.

“We experience so many different industries and personalities,” she says. “It keeps it fun and interesting. And we are able to offer a wide variety of experiences to our clients because we’ve seen so many approaches to HR and leadership. We’re able to help them think through all of their options.”

In addition to the wide range of HR services offered by Oasis, they also house a sister company: Aspen Cove Insurance, which specializes in personal and commercial insurance.

Formerly known as ESG or Employer Solutions Group, this Provo-based PEO is now Oasis. At the Oasis headquarters in Provo, 44 employees handle payroll, insurance and other HR functions for their clients across a number of industries.

The More Things Change

While the executive team has been in place for years, the industry hasn’t stayed still. The Affordable Care Act and other regulatory changes keep the team learning and adjusting.

“We’re licensed in every state, so when one of our clients hires an employee in Missouri, for example, we take care of them with our instant, turnkey solution,” Sisk says.

Nutshorn says it would be extremely difficult for a client to keep up on all the state and federal rules.

“We shield our clients from complicated changes,” she says. “We want our clients to avoid difficulties, so we learn and adjust behind the scenes so we can provide smooth services.”

Technology enables clear communication and processing. The enhanced digital solutions flow from new hire paperwork system to payroll, to performance management systems, to a full suite of benefits, etc.

But with all the enhancements, the trademark traits of Oasis and ESG aren’t going anywhere.

“We are locally based, locally serviced, locally connected — and all of that continues,” Sisk says.

Can You See This Local Oasis?

  1. Formerly known as ESG
  2. 44 employees based in Provo
  3. Provides PEO and HR functions for 350+ local clients and over 20,000 employees across all industries
  4. In early 2019, Oasis was purchased by Paychex, based in Rochester, New York

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ESG Has Found Its Oasis: Long-Time, Fully-Trusted Local PEO Joins Oasis, a Paychex Company