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I’m not sure how I stumbled on the Cup of Stars brand, headquartered in Istanbul. More than likely via Kourtney Kardashian’s stylist or IG in general. Kourtney wore one of their pieces during the height of her whirlwind romance with Travis. I may never remember which came first but I got this dress and a top (the last one) and was super happy with my order. The top is too big sadly, and I was not dealing with a return to Turkey so I listed it for sale on my Poshmark.

Bringing our attention back to the Cup of Stars Bridgette Dress. I was originally saving this to wear for just the right moment, just the right event…you know how it goes. I ended up shooting it first with Gen which I know a lot of bloggers shoot stuff first, but I wear my stuff first in general. Loved the images from Gen, shared on Instagram but you know I had to come here and post to make them evergreen. In the end, I decided not to save this dress to wear anywhere “special”. At least my original concept of “special” being a work event. I wore it at home to ring in the new year with my family, over champagne, and cheese boards. That was pretty special, made even more special that I got to wear this lovely dress.

You know what I’m going to say now. Wear the dress, do the thing, say what you need to say. Time is finite and we’ll never have these moments again. I love to procrastinate and put things off or say I’ll do it and then what happens….I don’t and who did I disappoint…me. Let’s wait less to get glam, and live as loudly as possible at every opportunity.

P.S. – Linking this amazing wig I’ve been wearing down below. Christena one of my IG friends shared it and I was between hairstyles and undecided. Thought it would be a good transitional style while I figured out what I wanted to do. Easy, low maintenance. It was a hit and did what it needed to do. I made my decision and put ole girl away. Last week, I brought her back out and she did the damn thing again haha. While I am in hair deliberation purgatory yet again, I’ve called on a new variant. I’ll link her too. Make sure you take a peek at my Insta Stories to see the blonde baddie in action.

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Everyday Glam