FEMA Clinics: Part I

Most healthcare workers have the ability to work 2-3 jobs since the hours are so flexible. This was a lifestyle I enjoyed for many years. Full-time here, part-time over there and prn (per diem/as needed) just for the heck of it. Whether saving to buy a home, pay off debt, vacations, tuition, nest egg, etc. it is available.

But since the pandemic, a lot has changed. I interviewed at a prospective company back in December 2020 before I started at urgent care. They required COVID swab testing on ALL staff twice a week, NO EXCEPTIONS! I told the nursing director who was interviewing me that I cannot meet this requirement. I refuse to submit myself to unnecessary testing just for the employer’s sake and control.

The last time I picked up a shift through another agency was in February 2021. When I reported for my shift, a very rude employee took my temperature at the door, had me sign in and took me into a room. I saw tons of boxes stacked up high and asked her, “What is this?” She said, “Oh, everybody has to be tested coming in.” I proceeded to tell her that I am agency and not an employee. Furthermore, I wasn’t informed that I would be tested upon arrival or I wouldn’t have committed to working. Not to mention the nurse who was originally scheduled to work called off. The nurse I was to relieve was to only work 12 hours but forced to work 16 hours instead. Mandatory COVID swab test before you can even start your assignment. “What is going on?”

Another agency I signed up with in December 2020 was to travel to different clinics. I was excited because of the flexibility and I could still have income while waiting to start my new position at urgent care. After my background check, etc. was cleared I began to receive emails to fill in shifts at FEMA clinics. Huh??? The job advertisement was somewhat misleading because I assumed it was at regular clinics. I didn’t know FEMA had clinics.

I discovered where these were located by using Google Maps. One location testing site is at an actual FEMA site. Does this mean the employees are required to be tested or is it open to the public? I have yet to find out but I will have to do some research and find out.

God Bless,

Prophetic Nurse


Luke 6:28 KJV

Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

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FEMA Clinics: Part I