Fi social media strategy: Simplifying finances, one quip at a time

Fi social media strategy

Taking a humorous route to spread awareness about finances on social media, Fi regularly participates in trends as well as push original content. Here’s more.

Fi, a neobank for digital natives, has taken it upon itself to simplify financial management via social media. Their content ranges from tips for new working professionals to the many little things experienced ones should keep in mind while dealing with money matters. The main ingredient in their pan is humour. It helps them string it all together — irrespective of whether they are talking with words or visuals. The brand is very active with topical posts, which seem to make up for the bulk of its social media strategy.

With FinTech now emerging as an actively spoken about and use category, the brand population of the space has also increased. A conversational and real-time social media strategy, not only makes a technical industry such as FinTech more accessible but also helps stand out amidst the competition.

Witty Twitter

Fi tweets at least once a day, something witty. The brand’s personality is that of someone you follow for light-hearted but important communication. The remarks are both witty and topical. They reflect the mood of salaried netizens, Fi’s consumer base. In some cases, the tweets are simply expressions of anguish by someone who is trying to find ways to save money.

Topicals & Trends

A huge chunk of posts by Fi are topical posts that follow trending formats. They seem to be picking up almost every relevant format and making it their own with a unique take. The brand links it to finance, savings, or financial management as a whole. They also often create content with Reels, eyeing newer consumers they can reach thanks to the algorithm push by Instagram.

Partnerships & Original Content

Though not in abundance, Fi does have partnered content on its profile. A recent one with Vitamin Stree spoke about savings for those getting their first salaries. It targetted a very young population of working professionals, speaking in an easy-to-understand tongue. Fi also pushes a lot of original content, which is not in sync with topical trends — could be considered conversation starters, like their post about financial lessons from Baghban or the re-creation of magazine covers, in sync with their brand communication.

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Instagram Features

In the posts put forth by Fi, there is a recognition of the platform they are communicating in. It is especially true for Instagram, where their copy includes the names and visuals of various Instagram features. Recently, Fi had shared a carousel post, mentioning how it could have been a long one — but they are going to wrap it up quick. Another noticeable post was about the ‘Add Yours’ sticker.

Enticing Giveaway

One of the most tried-and-tested marketing tactics on social media, giveaways, have also been leveraged by Fi. They often partner with brands like Apple and Dyson to expand their consumer base, attracting people to connect with them and stay connected via social media.

While having an opinion about trending conversations is an excellent way for all brands to stay relevant on social media, Fi has taken it a step further by never straying away from its brand ethos. Each of their posts seems to be a part of a bigger narrative, which works well for them as a digital-first brand.

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Fi social media strategy: Simplifying finances, one quip at a time