Finding furniture that fits amongst home and office

While a hybrid work cycle between office and remote is not a current concept, the pandemic has most certainly brought it into the limelight. With it comes a raft of questions: What is the role of the office moving forward? What do workers need to perform at their best? What office furniture intersects the needs of both home and office workspaces?

The office is still a much loved space for employees and employers alike. Studies from Gensler and Bates Smart have indicated that working completely from a remote setting leads to employees feeling isolated and losing productivity. While the features of offices are likely to change (for the better, mind you), the office’s importance will not.

What do workers need to perform at their best? By the looks of things, a hybrid work model between work and home. In Australia, as well as the UK and India, two out of three office workers prefer working between their personal study and the office. Gensler’s study also indicates that hybrid workers also demonstrate higher ratings of job satisfaction, personal creativity, and overall wellbeing.

Finally, we need to find office furniture that is able to work within an office and home context. Functional, supportive and stylish furniture is what is required in order for us to flourish within a hybrid work cycle. Thankfully, there are products that possess the ability to pivot between work and home, and one of these is Workspace’s Dot.Pro chair.

Dot.Pro is crafted to be ready for work, anywhere. The chair is right at home amongst the hustle and bustle of the office, as well as the quiet sanctuary the home office provides. Combining first-rate design, dynamism and comfort, the Dot.Pro is the culmination of years of research, ergonomic requirements and user needs.

The backrest frame of the chair mimics the lumbar spine, with its uniquely designed fulcrum allowing the backrest to move as one with the user. This ability to provide dynamic movement delivers superior support and next level comfort, irrespective of setting. The chair’s Synchro Motion mechanism, 3D arms, a web mesh back and lumbar support further the chair’s ability to provide healthy freedom of movement.

As well as a number of features that support the user, the Dot.Pro features a number of stylistic elements that underline its aesthetic qualities. Clean crisp contoured lines, subtle mesh backrest and a slim frame coupled with highly functional and resistant materials congregate to create a chair that is equally stylish and supportive.

Workspace’s Dot.Pro is truly the anywhere chair. Fitting seamlessly amongst the office or the home office, the chair is a wise investment for those who operate on a hybrid work schedule and endeavour to look after their wellbeing to the utmost.

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Finding furniture that fits amongst home and office